Woman Accused of Hiding 44 Dead Dogs in Freezer Must be Held Accountable

Target: Scott A. Coffina, Head Prosecutor for Burlington County, New Jersey

Goal: Prosecute woman accused of massive animal abuse.

44 dead dogs were allegedly found stored in freezers throughout the home of a Shamong Township, New Jersey woman. Police were called to the residence of Donna Roberts after months of neighbor complaints concerning an acrid smell emanating from the home. According to NBC, the township had to pass special ordinances in order to investigate. Once inside, officials reported finding over 100 animals living in their own waste, with no signs of care or clean up. Officers reportedly became dizzy and nauseous just from the toxic smell of the feces- and ammonia-ridden house.

In all, 161 dogs were reportedly discovered in Donna Roberts’ residence, including the 44 dogs that were found wrapped in plastic bags in various freezers. Four of the animals were alleged to be in critical condition and were immediately shipped to emergency clinics. The rest of the surviving dogs have been vaccinated and are now being taken care of by six different animal shelters. Roberts has been released from custody and is awaiting trial. There is no information yet on how or why 161 dogs were found in her residence. It is clear that whoever is responsible for keeping 161 dogs in a single-family home and forcing them to wallow in their own filth is guilty of a profound and disturbing act of animal cruelty and neglect.

Please sign this petition to demand that these crimes be fully investigated and that Donna Roberts, if found guilty, be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Mr. Coffina,

161 dogs were reportedly freed from the residence of Shamong County local Donna Roberts earlier this week. Local news claims that new county ordinances had to be passed just to be able to fully investigate a case of alleged animal neglect and cruelty this surprising. Police reported finding the dogs wallowing in their own feces and urine in an environment that reportedly made officers sick and dizzy from mere contact. Upon further investigation, 44 dogs were reportedly found dead and wrapped in plastic bags in various freezers throughout the house. Four other dogs were reportedly discovered in critical condition and immediately sent to emergency clinics.

Donna Roberts was arrested and after being released on bail is awaiting trial. No motive or explanation has been uncovered for how 161 dogs reportedly became trapped in her single-family home. What is clear is whoever is responsible for neglecting so many animals, likely to the point of death in dozens of cases, is guilty of heinous animal cruelty and neglect. It is your responsibility to ensure this case is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I demand that you fully investigate this case and request the harshest penalties for these heinous allegations.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Monmouth County SPCA

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  1. Death penalty for this sick abuser, justice for all dogs!. RIP

  2. Vicky Davies says:

    Shocking !!!!!!

  3. Maria Bertrand says:

    You murdering psycho! How can this happen????????? Death penalty with as much pain as possible. These lunatics keep giving the rest of us broken hearts…..over and over again….

  4. Phillip Johnson says:

    Donna Roberts is a monster who doesn’t deserve to live another day.

  5. That’s what should be done to animal abusers… STRAIGHT TO THE GAS CHAMBER,OR ELECTRIC CHAIR!!!

  6. Im don’t even have words for this one.Im just disgusted and she needs to die.

  7. DEATH PENALTY for this SADISTIC human bitch !! Such vile low scum shouldn’t walk this Earth !

  8. This vile dog murdering bitch MUST have the death penalty implemented and nothing less.A slow and agonising death for this vile FW is essential!

  9. The perpetrator should be charged with torture and attempted murder. Why should the charge be different just because the victims are non-human animals? If she had done this to human animals (yes, humans are members of the Animal Kingdom), the charges would be much more in line with her crimes.

  10. Stephanie PAUL says:

    Donna Roberts is a heinous scum bag. Get rid of her…preferably by a slow & painful death so she can feel exactly what she put those poor dogs through. BITCH!!!!

  11. And yet, this is just another “case”. How pathetically fkn sad. 1st, she should be barred from ever owning and coming into any contact with any animal. If she visits a relative and they have a pet, she must leave. 2nd, she must be jailed for a minimum of 5years, preferably longer with no chance of getting out sooner, then complete at least 100 or more hours of community service including but not limited to cleaning and scrubbing zoo enclosures, totally supervised, cleaning toilets in jails and or mental health facilities, and/or any hard labor they deem fit! And if you don’t want to spend our monies on this bitch of an abortion that should have been, then feed her to the lions or better yet a group of us animal lovers and protectors who will surely teach her a most valuable lesson! What a total fucking Oxygen Thief! My heart bleeds for those beautiful dogs…

  12. Sick deranged people. . . .can’t believe things like this actually happen. Please make her pay for this crime of pain and suffering she caused all of these dogs.

  13. Paul Johnston says:

    Death Sentence fits for this sick human being. Hang Her high, slowly until dead.

  14. She is gross. Was she breeding and selling them or is she a hoarder sleeping in dog feces herself. If she is a hoarder she needs a hospital stay and to be banned from having animals as she has no self control. If she was breeding them throw her ass in jail for sure. It’s hard to wrap your brain around the idea of seeing this filth and neglect day after day. What did those poor dead dogs die from? And who has freezers large enough to hold 44 dead dogs? So gross. The poor neighbors calling on this filth and the city can’t even check the residence without changing ordinances or laws? That is absurd. They should probably tear down that filthy residence for health violations.

    • Breeder selling sick puppies. Convicted in 01 of animal cruelty and fined and now this is what happened. Years of complaints, kennel quarantined several times. She used aliases and got away with this for too ling.

  15. pamela hengst says:

    Well spoken, LJ!!! I agree completely. What kind of a cruel deranged idiot does this!? Poor precious dogs, I’m heartbroken. Thank God for the neighbor that reported the stupid woman.

  16. Castherine Dugan says:

    Throw the bitch in jail and throw away the key!!

  17. Nadine Brundage says:

    Mentally deranged idiot. Throw the key away on this sicko. She should never be allowed to be in contact with any animal.hope justice is served.

  18. Animal abuse/cruelty needs to be made a felony. The laws are too lenient and animal abusers are typically only barred from having animals for five years. They should be barred from ever having a pet again. Not only was Ms. Roberts found guilty of neglect/abuse, but I’m fairly certain it was illegal for her to have over 160 dogs in her home. She should be forced to pay for all care concerning these dogs rather than burden shelters who are already strapped for money. Shelters should not have to deal with the extensive cost that these defenseless animals will likely incur. If that means she needs to sell off her house and/or all her possessions then so be it. Requiring animal abusers to financially care for the animals they’ve abused may help send a message that when you are caught the law will force you to pay for the physical damage you have done to these sentient beings that never deserved such criminal treatment.

  19. Denise Devereux says:

    We all know the law will do little to punish or deter this bitch, Donna Roberts.
    For that reason I believe in an eye for an eye remedy. Rid the earth of this monster. Someone capable of such cruelty is another of our Serial Killers in Training. We all know monsters like this start with abuse, torture and murder of animals and then move on to humans. Children first as like animals they cannot fight back. She must have some buddy Serial Killers out there. Maybe they can have some fun with her. Die you bitch.

  20. This woman must be locked away forever!
    Hopefully someone in the area will do a number on her!

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