Keep Dangerous Drug Remnants Out of Water Supply

Target: The Honourable Melissa Price, Minister of the Environment of Australia

Goal: Protect aquatic wildlife from flow of prescription drugs in water supply.

Australia’s aquatic food webs are impacted by remnants of almost 100 pharmaceuticals in the water, a recent study shows. Companies and consumers carelessly dispose of unused muscle relaxants, antihistamines, paracetamol, beta-blocking agents, and antidepressants; these leak into the water supply, where they are consumed by insects. The platypus and brown trout populations subsist on a diet of these insects, causing them to ingest 50% of a human dose of these drugs on a daily basis.

This is a dangerous situation. The effects of human drugs on animals can be toxic, even fatal. A study has yet to be performed to examine the exact effects, but it is easy to guess that many platypuses and brown trout will die, or have already died, as a result. Aquatic wildlife already ingests dangerous amounts of pollutants such as plastic residue; the addition of drugs only adds to the peril they face.

We must protect platypuses and brown trout from the effects of these drugs by imploring the public to dispose of unused pharmaceuticals in a responsible fashion. Sign this petition to put an end to the ingestion of dangerous drugs by aquatic wildlife.


Dear Minister Price,

Australia’s platypus and brown trout populations are ingesting potentially lethal amounts of pharmaceuticals due to companies and consumers disposing of unused medication improperly. The medications leak from septic tanks into the water supply, where they interfere with the lives of aquatic food webs; further research is likely to be pursued to study the exact effects.

It is all too possible that platypuses and brown trout will die from ingesting the amount of drugs that they do, however. Their diets consist of insects that have been saturated by beta-blockers, muscle relaxants, antidepressants, and other agents; the average platypus can receive up to 50% of a human dose of antidepressants daily. This is dangerous, and it must be stopped. Please implement laws requiring more mindful and safe methods of disposing of unused medications now.


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  1. Derinda Nilsson says:

    You have to do something about this careless situation, before its to late.

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