Fire Teacher for Forcing Students to Dig Grave for Live Kittens

Innocent Kitten

Target: Yakuendai High School prefectural school board

Goal: Punish man for allegedly forcing students to help bury kittens alive.

Students unknowingly dug a grave to bury five live kittens at Yakuendai High School in Japan. The horrendous reason why their teacher asked them to help dig the hole was allegedly revealed only after he later told one of his pupils.

The school refuses to publicly announce the name of the teacher, who allegedly claims that he buried the kittens because he “thought they were going to die anyway.” His place of employment would not even be known if it had not been for one very brave and distressed parent taking action. Specifically, the parent talked to the media about what his son told him pertaining to the matter. Still, Yakuendai High School officials have not fired the teacher and even had the audacity to explain to parents that many people find the teacher to be “very good and caring.”

While police are looking into the incident in order to determine if this man will be charged for violating Japan’s animal welfare laws, animal abuse is not considered by everyone to be as important of an issue there as it is in some other countries. It is essential that the school board set an example and dismiss this man for his unspeakable actions.

Sign this petition and demand this teacher be fired and that his teaching license immediately be revoked. Kids need to be taught by positive role models, not by sick-minded individuals who condone and commit heinous and inexcusable acts against defenseless animals.


Dear Board Members,

A teacher knowingly asked his students to dig a grave for the purpose of burying five stray kittens alive. He refused to tell his class why they were being given such instructions and only decided to later speak of his horrifying intentions to one student.

While many parents are vehemently upset over this man’s actions, the school has done nothing to punish the teacher. In fact, the school refused to publicly release the name of this disgusting individual and even went as far as to say that several parents claimed he was ‘very good and caring.’ Furthermore, the school did not bother publicly apologizing until they were in the media spotlight.

Although the teacher also claims he’s sorry for his actions, his apology should be looked at as nothing other than a bogus, political statement made by an apathetic individual who is only apologizing for the sake of trying to evade potential consequences. Kids deserve better than to be taught by teachers like this.

If this teacher is not fired and his license is not revoked, a message is being sent to the younger generation that it is OK to commit such grotesque and horrifying acts of animal abuse. For all of these reasons, I urge you to fire this teacher and to revoke his license immediately. Kids need to be taught by caring individuals who are capable of setting positive examples, not by barbaric and soulless human beings who find it acceptable to commit heinous and cruel acts against defenseless animals that did nothing to deserve such treatment.


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Photo Credit: Marie-Lan Nguyen via Wikimedia Commons

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  2. Is it a shocker that people in Japan are completely retarded.

  3. “Yukendi High School” should be written “Yakuendai High School”. Would you correct it, please?

    The Yakuendai High school is Funabashi-shi, Chiba where is next to Tokyo.
    This high school is very high level mark in Japan…

    I am very sorry about the Japanese mad teacher did it as one Japanese. It is shame of Japan. I feel shame and sad.

    Thank you very much for making this animal petition!

  4. IF this individual is allowed to continue his actions , the people in charge of making laws,penalizing are as INSANE as this piece of @#$% . It does appear there are certain cultures who are having difficulties in coming out of the dark ages and MISTREATING, as well as CONSUMING domestic animals..HOPEFULLY some in this group will realize their complete IGNORANCE!!!

  5. Linda Amundson says:

    This teacher is a psychopath who needs to be fired and put in jail. BTW, he is going to die anyway, so why not dig a grave for him and bury him alive?

    • i agree whole heartedly maybe if he THOUGHT THAT THEY WERE GOING TO DIE THEN WHY DIDNT HE TAKE THEM TO A VET. STUPID !!!!!!!

  6. This teacher is mentally unstable — throw him into a rubber room — his actions were cruel, unconscionable, irrational, immoral — his cold-blooded disregard for life — HE HAD A CHOICE — he chose death for these kittens — a SLOW death for these kittens, mind you — they were buried ALIVE — he’s dangerous to everyone — animals & humans alike — we all suffer, the animals & the people who care about animals — this teacher is HATEFUL & MERCILESS — what a terrible example he is — I wonder how many students were traumatized by these MURDERS ….

  7. Firing is too good for this bastard. How about burying him alive?

  8. Thank you for correcting the high school name(Yukendi->Yakuendai). I have written the article in my blog using this petition URL.

    I say again that “Thank you for the petition for 5 kittens and I am sorry that one Japanese did it.”

    This is MAD, shame of us.

  9. Ken Aoyama says:

    We are quite sorry about this animal abuse as one Japanese each.

    This type of school is not normal.
    The high school principal says, “If we punish him, we also will be asked responsibility by society. He is member of us.”

    Something like that. This is crazy comment but true.

    We, feeling it is shame of Japan as Japanese, beg you to beat the mad teacher society in Japan.

    Thank you.

  10. It’s not because the teacher is a Japanese or an Indian.A sick c…t has no race, just a sick retard.

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