Stop Mutilating and Electrocuting Live Chickens


Target: Gordon Food Service CEO Jim Gordon

Goal: Stop torturing poultry bound for slaughter and adopt an animal welfare policy.

A new undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals allegedly revealed appalling abuse at a Gordon Food Service chicken supplier. Gordon Food Service is the largest private food service provider in the country and caters to large restaurant chains such as PF Chang’s and Red Robin.

One of the investigators reportedly documented numerous acts of abuse through hidden cameras, such as a recording of terrified, conscious birds being dragged through an electrified tub of water. Video footage also showed that the birds’ wings and legs were broken in the process of being viciously shackled upside down. The birds’ throats were also slit open while they were fully conscious and capable of feeling immense pain before being scalded to death in feather-removal tanks. Some severely ill, injured, and dying chickens were allegedly sent through the slaughter line along with other “healthy” birds for human consumption as well.

Despite birds and poultry making up for more than 95 percent of the animals slaughtered for food in the US, they are not protected by the federal Humane Methods of Slaughter Act. Therefore, they are most often killed in shocking ways that would be considered illegal if done to cows or pigs.

Please sign this petition to demand that Gordon Food Service stop torturing their birds and poultry.


Dear Jim Gordon,

Hidden camera investigations into your food service company allegedly revealed disgusting acts of animal cruelty, such as workers throwing birds, shackling them upside down into metal shackles, slicing their throats open while they are still conscious and capable of feeling pain, and scalding them alive in boiling water tanks. These forms of animal abuse need to stop immediately. Because your company is one of the top food service providers in the US, you have the power and responsibility to put an end to the suffering of poultry and other animals in your establishment.

I urge you to adopt an animal welfare policy to protect all animals in your supply chain. You must provide your birds with more space, a cleaner environment, and around-the-clock access to natural light. You must also get rid of your current slaughter methods in favor of a less cruel method. Other large food providers in the country have already taken the first steps to improve animal welfare, and now it is your responsibility to step up and do the same.


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Photo credit: Pete Cooper via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. SHAME. SHAME ON YOU ‘MAN’. Lord Bless, Michael.

  2. Vicky Cole says:

    Why so much cruelty please St Jude St Francis help us in our quest for the hopeless cruelty that people have inflicted on beloved animals

  3. la honte pour cette barbarie faite sur les poulets que cette sociétè soit punie et verbalisée sévèrement pour ces actes

  4. I have stopped eating Chicken and all meat because I cant stand the abuse and cruelty, I have not eaten meat for over 20 years, I refuse to be a part of this disgusting cruelty, everyone should become vegan, I cant even look at meat, it makes me sick to think it was once a beautiful feeling Animal that was killed for humans to eat,Please go Vegan.

  5. DO NOT BUY THEIR MEAT! — I WOULD NOT TOLERATE THIS IN A MILLION YEARS! — YOU’RE SUPPORTING PSYCHOPATHS, CRUEL ABUSERS & KILLERS — If you MUST consume meat, buy from humane farms — look up HFAC — who treat their animals with care & respect from the moment they’re born — please look to CERTIFIED HUMANE – HUMANELY RAISED & HANDLED! These humans who commit such horrors on animals, belong in rubber rooms — they make me sick — they’re a danger to society! They should be arrested!

  6. justice pour les plus faibles et beaucoup de compassion pour mes saints êtres poules.

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