Kitten Reportedly Tied Up in Garbage Bag and Thrown in Dumpster Deserves Justice

Target: Lisa Thayer-Welch, State’s Attorney for Garrett County, Maryland

Goal: Punish the man who allegedly tied a kitten up, sealed her in a trash bag, and then threw the bag into a dumpster.

A kitten was allegedly tied up and sealed inside of a garbage bag in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Restaurant staff reportedly found the kitten fighting for her life inside of a dumpster. Demand justice for this innocent kitten.

The Garrett County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control began investigating after restaurant workers reportedly found a kitten abandoned inside of a dumpster. Per officers, the gray and black tabby was meowing and struggling from the inside of a sealed garbage bag. Once opened, they reportedly found that the kitten had also been tied up.

The Garrett County Animal Shelter took custody of the kitten and she is recovering in their facility. Paul A. Monar, the kitten’s guardian, was charged with two counts of animal cruelty. Sign below to demand that Monar receives the maximum penalty possible, if convicted.


Dear State’s Attorney Thayer-Welch,

A kitten suffered and could have died when she was reportedly tied up and abandoned inside of a dumpster. The kitten reportedly struggled and fought from the inside of a garbage bag. We demand justice for this poor kitten.

Officers with the Garrett County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control charged Paul A. Monar with two counts of animal cruelty after he allegedly tied a kitten up and threw her into a dumpster. Restaurant employees reportedly found the gray and black tabby sealed inside of a garbage bag. The poor kitten appeared incredibly frightened and struggled to free herself from her ties, witnesses stated. The Garrett County Animal Shelter took custody of the kitten and she is recovering at their facility. Monar will face his charges at a later date.

If convicted, then this man is a danger to animals and must be punished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Garrett County Animal Control



  1. The man has been identified, we know where he lives. I think he needs to be confronted . Street justice is a wonderful thing.

  2. Tricia KatWrangler Welch says:

    Paul Monar is yet another waste of a human life, and the space, air, food and water that he takes up. Tie his sorry POS arse in an extra-large garbage bag and throw him off the nearest cliff.
    Or, find an industrial trash compactor and toss him in there.
    Either way, make sure he knows what’s happening, and why.

    Do not allow this monster to get away with attempted murder. Hit him with every charge, and throw him in prison. Then, if he makes it out alive, maybe some nice animal lover will finish him off. We don’t have the resources for a-holes like him.
    He’s lower-than-whales#!t scum.

  3. Agree all comments dump her

  4. Do the samething 2 this piece of shit as he did 2 this innocent baby girl. This is so FUCKIN’ crazy

  5. He needs to be taught a lesson. We all agree with you Bear De Mel.

  6. vile scumbag. I sincerely hope he does get street justice. scumbag needs the same doe to him, not a slap on the wrist.

  7. Katherine Belisle says:

    I simply cannot comprehend as to why petitions have to be signed to do what is right * We need to stand up & protect the helpless * People who are capable of such Evil Hateful acts * Let us not even think that there Hate/Evil acts stop there * At only hurting our precious helpless Animals * There cruelty extends outside that * We need to rid of people with such hate & evil inside of them * Do the harshest punishment possible & Lets wake up here * Stronger laws & punishments need to be made NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW . . . . . There are people in our society that have absolutely forfitted there right to live among us because of there own actions & there deceit

  8. Paul A Monar you piece of SCUM. The only creature that deserves to be tied up & thrown in a garbage bag is YOU. Even if the law doesn’t,Karma will get you, you BASTARD!

  9. Sherry Psychas says:

    This man needs to be put in a tied up bag and see how it feels. He should never be able to own animals.

  10. Human culling needs to be put in place for animal and child abusers! … for human shit like this!

  11. Monar needs to be held accountable for the animal abuse he inflicted on this poor kitten. POst his name and picture for all to see then throw in jail and throw away the key. You are one sick individual. Your judgement day will come.

  12. This is nothing but a sick piece of scum . This person needs tortured just like he tried to hurt this poor innocent animal. People like this are mentally sick and need put away for a long time!!!!!!!!!

  13. susan janney says:

    Monar is a sick ,evil person who needs to be removed from society after a very large sum of his money is taken as a fine. The money is to go to a local animal shelter or rescue organization. Then, put the creep away in an awful prison.

  14. Marla aneteon says:

    Monar should be put in a plastic bag, tied off and left to die in a dumpster, but since that unfortunately won’t happen, make him work hard labor on a chain and turn over ALL EARNINGS to animal welfare. Physical castration will help with his abusive tendencies. What happens when he does this to a kid, woman?

  15. I hope that piece of shit is procescuted! He is a mean, vicious and suck person!! How can he done that to poor helpless kitten! Shame on him!!!!

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    except this post is truly a good paragraph, keep it up.

  17. james waldo says:

    I feel very sorry that this person still walks this earth. Hopefully someone will bash his head in.

  18. CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — We must ensure that this idiot-monster-PAUL MONAR stay away from animals — the depraved indifference & the torturous suffering inflicted on this trusting, innocent, vulnerable kitten is telling of an unconscionable, insane, sadistic, cruel, depraved, immoral & merciless human — Mr. Monar had options — he could’ve given kitten to a Rescue — PUNISHMENTS & PENALTIES MUST BE SEVERE — How else will animals and the rest of society be protected! – We do NOT want repeats of crimes against animals — EVER!

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