Ban Cruel Veal Crates in Virginia

Target: Barbara Comstock, United States Representative, Virginia’s 10th District

Goal: Ensure the legal protection of calves from the inhumane, abusive conditions of veal crates.

Veal crates are the brutal method used to transport male calves to slaughter in Virginia. These crates are so small that animals cannot even turn around, and many of them spend most of their short lives confined to these crates before they are cruelly slaughtered at eight to sixteen weeks old. This, along with the chains kept around their necks, prevents the calves’ muscles from developing properly before they are killed.

Multiple U.S. states have banned veal crates according to the Humane Society of the United States, but Virginia is not one of them. Estimates show that in the U.S, as many as 700,000 calves per year are trapped in these wooden or metal cages for the majority of their lives before they are senselessly killed. This abuse must be stopped. Sign below to demand that veal crates be banned in Virginia.


Dear Congresswoman Comstock,

There is no excuse for animal cruelty, and the brutality of the veal crates used in Virginia before these calves are needlessly slaughtered cannot be allowed to continue. Many other states have banned this inhumane confinement of animals, and you must ensure that Virginia joins their ranks.

For most of their extremely short lives of eight to sixteen weeks, young calves are confined in wooden or metal boxes or cages that are too small to allow them to even turn around. They are chained by their necks, preventing their muscles from developing properly. This abuse must be stopped. I urge you to ensure that the use of veal crates is banned in Virginia.


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Photo Credit: Turmfalke

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  1. lynn woods says:

    this is disgusting these poor babies are giving their short little lives to feed greedy faces at least treat them with kindness I think it’s inhuman to eat these young animals that haven’t even begun to live humans are the worst preditors ever

  2. Murdering for taste is the most most disgusting immoral act to mankind!

  3. Ban veal! Eat something else other than living creatures.

  4. Derinda Nilsson says:

    Virginia YOU should be ashamed of yourselves. Please don’t do this to these precious BABIES. The best thing you can do for yourself is to quit eating meat, leave it of your plate. You won’t believe how your health will improve. Get rid of these coffins you call crates. Bunch of hateful mean creeps. EVIL!!!!

  5. Rebecca Surette says:

    This is even worse than most of us think. These calves are kept in dim barns, lit only by red lights, and fed a formula that produces scours (diarrhea), because it makes for more tender meat. I found out about this years ago, and have boycotted the veal industry since.

  6. alen rekel says:

    Anyone who eats veal deserves to choke on it


  8. Mankind is vicious and cruel! Disgusting and heartless! The one and only way to end this suffering is to not eat meat!

  9. Tarran Fedders says:

    Seems purdy dam fair to me that the perpetrators of this oughta be put in stocks & pelted with shit for charity until death ensues.

  10. You cruel disgusting bastard’s this is so cruel makes me weep

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