Stop Attacking Free Speech of Animal Rights Advocates

Target: Amira Fox, Florida Assistant State Attorney

Goal: Allow the voices of animal welfare advocates to be heard on social media.

An animal advocacy group in Lee County, Florida, took concerns about four potentially illegal and inhumane slaughterhouses to their local law enforcement officials. After the charges were disregarded, advocates took their case to the people — exposing the alleged abuses on social media pages of a state attorney candidate, Amira Fox. In a highly questionable maneuver, the candidate in question reportedly blocked these advocates from her accounts and, in the process, stifled their voices.

The dispute first arose when the Miami-based Animal Recovery Mission received several troubling allegations of starvation, dehydration, dog fighting, skinnings, stabbings and beatings (as well as the illegal sale of horse meat) taking place on ranches in the Fort Meyers area of Florida. Concerned individuals within the organizations then went on a long-term undercover mission to secure video evidence of these purported cruelties and violations of the Humane Slaughter Act. They reportedly presented this evidence to legal authorities (evidence that allegedly showed such atrocities as animals drinking the blood of other nearby dead animals). Rather than deeply investigating these charges, the authorities reportedly instead targeted the Animal Recovery Mission for its ‘illegal’ obtainment methods and deemed the evidence inadmissible.

When these advocates later tried to raise public awareness, they were reportedly again shut down in a manner that is legally questionable itself. Recently, a judge ruled that President Trump, a public servant, could not block Twitter users who expressed a viewpoint he found unsavory. Now the Animal Rescue Mission is asking that the same standard be applied to public servant Amira Fox.

Some may debate the evidence allegedly obtained by this advocacy group, but what should not be debatable is any advocate’s right to free and open public discourse. Sign this petition to remind Ms. Fox that her job is to serve, not silence, the public.


Dear Ms. Fox,

The state attorney’s office refused to bring charges in the Fort Meyers alleged slaughterhouse cases because of so-called illegally obtained evidence. Why, then, are you violating the precedent set by a judicial official in a case that involved the president of the United States?

Individuals affiliated with the Animal Recovery Mission allege you have engaged in a concerted effort to censor their voices. Blocking those with a differing viewpoint from your social media accounts is no different than the president seeking to block Twitter comments that he does not like. You, like the president, are a public official. And you, like the president, are subject to the ruling that you cannot block or otherwise censor social media followers as you see fit.

If you are elected by the people to represent your state in a legal capacity, this means representing all citizens of your state… not just those who share your views. Please listen to your constituents and show them that you take their every concern to heart. Otherwise, you are abandoning your duty to the people you serve.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Marjory Collins

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  1. Derinda Nilsson says:

    We’re always are going to fight for animals no matter what, so get use to it.

  2. G Petersen says:

    So it’s OK to post video of animal torture on social media, but it’s not OK to speak up against animal cruelty. What the hell???There is something seriously wrong!!!

  3. This has got to stop. Animals are not supposed to suffer at the hands if animal abusers and inhumane treatment if God’s created creatures. It us disgusting making animals to drink the blood if other animal due to dehydration or skin them to death alive. Or train them to fight and kill for your entertainment. What are we becoming treating our animals as China, Thailand and many Asian Cultures treat their animals this way. We are the USA and we know better than to do this,Thus country is going down the tubes like the aforementioned countries. Our ANIMALS SHOULD AND WILK NOT BE TREATED BY PROPLE LIKE YOU TGAT HAVE BECOME THE ANIMAKS TGAT YOU MURDER FIR MONETARY PURPISES. You are a HEARTLESS Group of ANIMAL ABUSERS and thus will not be Tolerated by US. YOU MUST PAY FOR THESE ATROCITIES AND CEASE AND DESIST IR OAY FOR YOUR BTEAKING OF THE LAWS. WE WILL FIGHT YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. WE ARE NOT GOING AWAY UNTIL THIS STOPS. WE WILL SED TO IT THAT NO ONE GOES TO FORT MYERS FLA. AND YOUR TOURISM DEPLEATS YOUR MONETARY GAINS. NOTHING BUT GREED. THE PEOPLE WILL KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON AND WHAT YOU ARE FEEDING THEM. THIS IS NOT OVER…NOT UNTIL IT STOPS. YOU SHOUKD BE ASHAMED.

  4. Someone has to speak for the animals! They have no voice of their own! But they do have fear! They do have feelings! Cruelty and abuse must be stopped!

  5. Jennifer Day says:

    These people need to be praised! They help those with no voice!! They are the greatest people we have!! It’s never going to stop so just work with these people. They are only doing good!! These are great amazing people! We need more of them!! If you don’t agree you need to be jailed!


  7. Maria M. Morla says:

    Mr. Fox
    You have a very poor, reproachable attitude towards innocent animals – like if you did not care at all for them and instead you favored ‘gutless criminals’ because that’s what those human beasts are! Shame on you!, how wrong was the people that elected you!

  8. Angela Carroll says:

    Whenever I hear about evidence obtained “unlawfully” in regards to animal abuse, it just makes me gringe. In fact, there are virtually no protections for farm animals and animal used for monetary gain. These anti-gag laws are a sick and immoral way of protecting nothing more than profits of sadistic and despicable people who should be punished and their rights to own animals be taken away. Laws are a way of society to interpret and enforce justice and morality. Laws are not meant to protect commerce form standards of decency. Fortunately, more and more people realize what is going on in these mass holding facilities and slaughter houses. Those business talk about upholding humane standards, but strangely they do not want the public to see what is going on in those facilities. they go as far as to try to make it a criminal offense for decent people to speak out against the cruelties these animals are made to endure by sadistic, sick individuals. Hardly something a business would do if it was run humanely. I am disgusted that these industries get away with lying and covering up what we as consumer have a right to know and speak out against. Amira Fox is no public servant, she is a cowardly monster.

  9. Florida is one of the assholes of our nation! Look at the type of ‘people’ who live there!!! YUCK!!! What a total disgrace on the part of amira fox, she is worthless!!! I hope this so-called public servant is ousted and she SHOULD HANG HER HEAD IN SHAME!!! Absolutely revolting!

  10. Mary Harrington says:

    FLORIDA you belong in hell for this. Clean up your act and join the rest of the good nation that has a heart and cares about animal rights.

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