Find Man Who Kicked a Field Goal With Cat on Video

Target: Josh Hawley, Attorney General of Missouri

Goal: Find and prosecute young man caught on video abusing an innocent cat.

An innocent cat was brutally kicked around a Missouri football field by a young man as his friends cheered him on. This despicable act of animal abuse was filmed and posted on Snapchat, much to the horror and disgust of many, and while the authorities state their intent to find and capture the culprit, no word has been given regarding the cat’s condition or whether it is even alive.

To say this is a reprehensible act of animal cruelty is underselling it. The culprit subjected this poor cat to brutal physical violence for the sake of cheap laughs and video footage, most likely intended to gain views and media attention. The young man’s friends were seen laughing at the animal’s misfortune, and the animal could very well be dead by now. To make matters worse, the kicker was seen wearing cleats, which are meant to dig into soft surfaces and enhance the intensity of a kick.

Dead or alive, this poor cat deserves justice, and the unknown assailant deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law for such deplorable behavior. Sign this petition to ensure that the young man is found guilty and prosecuted for animal abuse.


Dear Attorney General Hawley,

Video footage of a young man kicking a cat like a football while his friends cheered him on has been posted on Snapchat, much to the outrage of many. Reports state that the man sported cleats during his repeated assault of the animal; currently, it is unknown as to whether the poor cat is even alive.

You must aid in the quick capture, identification, and punishment of this abhorrent individual. It is all too possible that the cat died a very painful death due to the abuse, all while the culprit’s friends stood there and laughed at the creature’s misfortune. Such abuse of a defenseless animal must not go unpunished, and you must ensure that this young man faces the full consequences of his deplorable behavior as soon as possible.


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  1. I’m so sick of people doing this sort of stuff for media attention, likes and laughs. Wow, there are just too many sick people in the world.

  2. It’s almost like you made a joke with the “field goal” bit, too bad about that, nothing at all funny here. The sadistic cowards probably got a laugh out of it. Their karma awaits them in this life or the next, in the real hell. Little black kitty is surely in heaven now after enduring this deranged species full of “weeds” calling themselves human.

  3. Susan Budde says:

    Find him and kill him!

  4. Simon Rimmer says:

    This asshole needs his balls kicked for a field goal. And I would love to be the person that does it!!!
    Animal cruelty must become a death penalty crime, time to clean up the human garbage in the world. This asshole is human garbage and nothing more !!!

  5. He needs to be found and kicked to death. He is a weak coward that has to pick on defenseless animals, because he knows if it was a person he tried that with, he’d get his ass kicked


  7. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Josh – the person who kicked this cat needs to be removed from the gene pool. And while I don’t hold any hope that this idiot will be identified, I do have faith in Karma. Another innocent soul of the Animal Kingdom tortured by an uneducated, elementary POS…

  8. find this piece of B***K shit and kick its balls over the field goal and film and laugh about it then get the other pieces of shits and do the same to those arseholes!!!!!

  9. Steve HOPE says:

    What an evil person who could do this to an animal.
    There are just too many evil, useless, POS.
    Penalties for animal abuse need to be strengthened to be felonies and significiant jail time.
    A lot inmates love animals and it would be karma for animal abusers to be housed with animal loving inmates. Karma.

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