#FurFreeBritain: Stop Funding the Torture and Execution of Millions of Fur Farm Victims

Target: Michael Gove, UK Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Goal: Ban imports of fur from farms that cage, mistreat, and kill animals.

Gassing and electrocution: these are the most common ends for animals imprisoned on fur farms. Worse still, death may be the most peace and comfort these animals ever know. Anecdotes from these locations brim with horror stories of animals such as foxes, raccoon dogs, and mink. Living an entire existence in small, cramped cages– an existence that facilitates infections and other physical health problems. Yet physical suffering often pales in comparison to the mental and emotional strain placed on these vulnerable animals who are robbed of their natural habitats. Reports of biting, aggression toward other animals, and even cannibalism are not uncommon.

While many countries ban these inhuman centerpieces of animal cruelty, fur farms still make a substantial profit from these countries through imports. In Britain alone, fur from an estimated two million executed animals flows into the region annually. A group of united veterinarians, animal behaviorists, and animal conservationists is appealing to British parliament to enact a ban on all imported furs once Britain exits the European Union. Ignoring the wishes of an increasing majority of the public,  leaders have thus far dismissed the notion that bans are productive.

Economic and financial punishment such as sanctions, however, are some of the longest-running and most powerful tools for countries all over the world. Sign this petition to demand British leadership put humanity ahead of profit, listen to the united voices of experts and everyday animal advocates alike, and ensure vicious animal cruelty never crosses borders.


Dear Secretary Gove,

“….those who wish to have real fur can also feel confident that the animals have been reared and farmed and indeed killed in a humane manner.”

“I am not in the business of banning things.”

Do these public remarks represent the true focus of leadership when it comes to a practice that slaughters nearly two million animals annually for Britain alone? To date, you have ignored the massive public outcry encapsulated in one simple call-to-arms: #FurFreeBritain. Will you likewise ignore the impassioned letter that hundreds of animal experts and animal healthcare professionals put their names and reputations behind…the letter that outlines not isolated but routine cases of malnourishment, injury, crushing stress, and cannibalism within the fur farms whose products you still gladly import?

Brexit represents a chance for a new start on many fronts. Make one of its most enduring legacies a firm, undeniable affirmation that all living beings matter. Stop sanctioning and putting British money behind horrific acts of animal cruelty. Lastly, send the strongest message by banning all fur imports.


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Photo Credit: Flavio Brandani

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  1. Derinda Nilsson says:

    Fur belongs on the animals, not people.

  2. UK, You need to get out of the Dark Ages!
    Unless one want to be cavemen!

  3. PATRICIA Kat Wrangler W says:

    Secretary Gove – you might not be in the business of banning things, but some things need banning.

    I have a button from the 80’s …
    “It takes up to 40 dumb animals to make a fur coat, but only one to wear it”

    Says it ALL.

  4. Karen Mckay says:

    Hey Gove, better get in the business of banning things if you want to keep your job.


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