Stop the Surgical Silencing of Dogs

Target: Paul Ryan, United States Speaker of the House

Goal: Outlaw “debarking” of dogs in all 50 states.

An unlicensed Pennsylvania dog breeder is under investigation after allegedly forcing a pipe down the throats of 15 dogs, including several puppies, in order to silence their barking. The practice known as “debarking” is not as widely discussed as declawing of cats or tail docking of dogs, but is as cruel and unnecessary.

The removal of a dog’s vocal chords is meant to quiet a dog, so that owners can live without incessant barking. In truth, the procedure is selfish and caters to the petty annoyances of humans rather than providing any benefits to the dog. Debarking comes with dangerous risks; not only does it cause the dog physical and emotional stress, but the healing process creates webbed tissue in the throat, leading to the dog’s inability to clear mucus from their throat.

Prosecuting this unlicensed breeder for his alleged abuse of so many dogs is only one step; we must ensure that no more breeders or owners are legally allowed to subject their dogs to such a thing. Sign this petition to end the unethical and cruel practice of debarking across the United States, for the protection and well-being of all dogs.


Dear Representative Ryan,

Several states still legally allow the practice of removing a portion of dogs’ vocal chords to quiet their barking. A recent case in Pennsylvania involved an unlicensed breeder allegedly subjecting 15 innocent dogs to such cruelty; an investigation is currently pending for this breeder. Unfortunately, charging and prosecuting this one culprit is only the first step.

The practice of “debarking” dogs is as cruel and unnecessary as declawing cats. The procedure comes with many risks, including heavy emotional stress to the dog as well as webbed tissue forming where the vocal chords were removed and rendering it difficult for a dog to clear mucus from their throat. There is never a valid reason to remove a dog’s vocal chords beyond legitimate health concerns (i.e. cancer of the throat), and the practice must be banned in all 50 states as soon as possible. Help us protect dogs from unnecessary surgery and ban debarking now.


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  1. lynn woods says:

    pennsylvania again is there no laws in this stupid state that is against animal cruelty it seems to me nearly every case comes out of this state is there an humane society there or what do something about the cruelty to innocent animals

  2. This is incredibly insane. Punish the innocent, devoted dog because the human lacks a brain, a heart, a spine. Anyone who wants this, preforms this endanger procedure, is a monster in the making, truing to control what an educated mind can not.Breeders who are doing this must be shut down immediately!! We can not “DO” designer babies so lets f___ up animals. IF you do this…you are a sick, brainless freak.

  3. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Paul – I think you can agree that the practice of removing dogs vocal chords is inhumane and cruel. Please use your power and position to help protect the Animal Kingdom against the cruelty of those who mean to do them harm. We are their only defense and we need your help. Please!

  4. well mayb if society silienced him the exact same say he would relize how horrific his choice was. if he merely does minimal jail time and pays a small fine when he gets out im sure he will do it again. society needs to step up and put sum heavty punishment for animal cruelity in order for it to stop. he shud be charged with 15 accounts of animal cruelity, permanantly lose his breeders licience and never be allowed to own an animal again. Hes not a liceinsed vetrinarian and he practiced medical procedures on 15 dogs. if you make an example out of him and hit him with harsh punishment it might deter others from doing it too.i wonder how many others are doing this to dogs right now??? please severely punish this breeder by giving them the maximum punishment allowed. ty

  5. kim shay says:

    i read this on Pennsylvania lawyers sight…..In Pennsylvania, animal cruelty can result in penalties ranging from fines to jail time for a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the level of the offense:

    Generally, it’s a “summary offense” (with a fine of up to $750 and/or 90 days in jail) to abandon, mistreat, abuse, beat, or overload an animal intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly.
    The same types of abuse will result in misdemeanor charges when the animals are injured or placed at risk of immediate, serious injury.
    The crime becomes a felony if the animal dies or is seriously injured.
    It’s also a felony to torture an animal intentionally or knowingly.
    (18 Pa. Cons. Stat. §§ 5550, 5533, 5534.)

    In addition to other penalties after a conviction for animal cruelty, the court may order the defendant to surrender the mistreated animal. That surrender becomes mandatory in the case of felony cruelty. The court may also prohibit the abuser from having any other animals for a period of time. (18 Pa. Cons. Stat. §§ 5554, 5555.)

    Debarking by an unlicensed vetrinarian is considered animal cruelity, according to the statutes in Pennsylvania. So rest assure justice will be served.

  6. Derinda Nilsson says:

    What the hell is wrong with these freaks. Dogs are suppose to bark, that’s the way they were created. Every scum bag that does this barbaric act should have there own vocal cords taken out. This is so cruel. STOP this PLEASE!!!!

  7. Any stupid ass that would do this to an animal needs to be horse whipped & their voice box taken out the same way. This is barbaric & a horrible thing to do to an animal. I adopted a dog who had this type of nonsense done to him. He tries to bark or howl at times & it just breaks my heart. I would love to find my fur babies previous owner & rip their voice box straight out!!!!!Do not allow this person to ever own or be around any animal again & punish them harshly. Sick scum of HELL!!!

  8. Karen Mckay says:

    effin pathetic!!! if you don’t want to hear barking DONT GET A GODDAMN DOG!!!! It’s as bad as declawing. Effin human IDIOTS!!!!I think if someone is found to be doing this, they should have their vocal chords removed also. See how you like it dumbass!!!!

  9. Brenda Lutton-Coronado says:

    No ethical vet will do this. It is cruel, unnecessary, and a message to work with and train your dog.

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