Stop Senselessly Killing Pregnant Whales

Target: Shinzō Abe, Prime Minister of Japan

Goal: Switch to non-lethal survey methods to prevent the senseless killing of whales.

A report has revealed that during the annual whale hunt in Japan last summer, 120 pregnant whales were killed. In total 333 minke whales were caught and killed during a 12-week period. Of those 333, 128 were female and 122 of them were pregnant.

The numbers of whales killed in Japan last year were recently revealed in a technical report submitted to the International Whaling Commission. Members of the Institute of Cetacean Research, an agency involved with Japan’s fisheries ministry, wrote the report. Conservationist groups have met the numbers with shock.

Alexia Wellbelove of the Humane Society International said in a statement: “It is further demonstration, if needed, of the truly gruesome and unnecessary nature of whaling operations, especially when non-lethal surveys have been shown to be sufficient for scientific needs.”

Sign this petition to urge the Prime Minister of Japan to commit to non-lethal survey methods to prevent the senseless killing of whales.


Dear Prime Minister Abe,

In a recent report, it was made public knowledge that Japan killed 333 minke whales last season. 122 of those killed were pregnant. This senseless killing was rationalized by saying that the whale slaughter was necessary for scientific surveys. However, many nations are conducting surveys on whales without killing the specimen.

I urge you to switch to non-lethal survey methods so that the senseless killing of whales at Japanese hands will come to an end.


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Photo Credit: Herry Lawford



  1. This is not science, this is slaughter! With so many animals already in peril, why cause them further harm, shame.

  2. Sybill Sable says:

    The Japanese are so very cruel,why can’t they get their house in order

  3. Wendy mangone says:

    Sub human! Japan needs to stop!

  4. JoAnne Turpin says:

    Everyone knows there is no research being done on the whales. They are slaughtered for food and the world has known this and condemned it for years. Japan needs to realize that no one is being fooled and that we all know this is for the high end restaurant business. Shameful and sick.

  5. Vicious and disgusting behaviour by this country towards whales. This is an atrocity towards these poor creatures, and there should be much more publicity about this , as it reflects very poorly on the nation of Japan…. a national disgrace .

  6. Derinda Nilsson says:

    Japan you suck! This is what you can expect from Japan. If the world comes to a end hope God starts with Japan, China, and the Philippines. They are very abusive to all animals and mammals. You all are so barbaric, change your ways. PLEASE allow these Whales to thrive and leave the pregnant mothers alone.

  7. Saying it is science is a stupid excuse for murder! Doesn’t surprise me with these Asian countries.


  9. Ravinder singh says:

    I have been signing petition against this slaughter for so many years and every year they give different excuse. Shame on them. killing pregnant whales. I wonder even Japanese women who themselves are mother have got nothing to say. think same happening to your own children. Wake up and have some compassion or you have cold hearts and minds that of a devil. have warm feeling towards every on this earth from a worm to whale.

  10. Asians in general have no respect for the earth’s animals.They
    have no empathy for the suffering and abuse of the wonderful
    creatures on this earth.

  11. This is so wrong. Only a barbaric culture could possible do such a terrible thing to an animal. They have no compassion for life. Very sickening that they could do this to an innocent animal. Shame on them. Find them & demand justice for these whales & their babies.

  12. Karen Mckay says:

    Scientific surveys my ass!!! YOu vile people. STOP THIS NOW!!!!

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