Denounce the Slaughter of Over One Hundred Pregnant Whales

Target: Erik Solheim, Head of the United Nations Environmental Programme

Goal: Demand that Japan stop slaughtering vulnerable whales for so-called ‘scientific research.’

Japan has reportedly killed over one hundred pregnant whales, and slaughtered an additional one hundred juvenile whales during its annual whaling activities in the Antarctic. This hunt continues despite international condemnation and the illegality of killing members of these protected species. We must demand that this nation be held accountable for murdering these innocent creatures.

Japanese whaling fleets reportedly killed 333 minke whales in the Southern Ocean of Antarctica. Of these, roughly a third were immature whales and an estimated 120 were pregnant females, or 63 percent of the female whales captured. In apparent disregard for international conservation law, many of these whales were found to have been hunted in waters designated as marine wildlife sanctuaries.

Japan can no longer hide behind the excuse that these killings are done for scientific purposes, especially when much of the meat ends up in supermarkets and upper class restaurants. This so-called ‘biological sampling’ is harmful to whale populations and to the marine ecosystem as a whole. Sign the petition below and urge the United Nations to demand that Japan be held accountable for violating international law with these cruel and unnecessary hunts.


Dear Mr. Solheim,

I am writing to express my outrage that Japanese whaling fleets continue to prowl the Antarctic ocean each summer, barbarically harpooning protected species of whales with impunity. Despite strict international laws regarding commercial activity in Antarctic whale sanctuaries, whaling vessels allegedly butchered over one hundred pregnant minke whales and an additional one hundred juveniles, with much of the meat destined for supermarkets and restaurants.

Although Japan claims that these actions are carried out in the name of ‘scientific research’, there is little evidence that any real research is being done, outside of twelve appointed on-board researchers tasked with weighing the organs and inspecting the stomach contents of slaughtered whales. This is nothing more than a thinly veiled excuse to continue commercial whaling, and it is time that the international community demand that it be brought to an end. I urge you to work with the International Court of Justice to ensure that Japan is held accountable for flagrantly violating international law.


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Photo Credit: Customs and Border Protection Service, Australia

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  1. Derinda Nilsson says:

    Japan why am I not surprised? Sick, greedy low life murders. I’ll bet more than half of there KILLINGS end up in the trash. And these poor defenseless PREGNAUT WHALES would have suffered and KILLED for nothing. It makes me so angry at japan.

    • The corrupt world body of CITES can stop this by simply closing the “research” loophole! Once this is closed that will help. Oh and fucking australia is not going after the whalers. It is ILLEGAL to muder whales in the Southern Ocean! Boycott japan, china, australia, spain and egypt. How easy is it to do. Well china makes many products so it is harder than the others. BUY used. When you buy used you do not fuel the demand for new products made since the demand has already taken place. When you buy a japanese make car, buy used. japan gets no help when this is done. Parts when repairing? Buy parts used if it is feasible or aftermarket which means US made or such, but ask for country of origin! Worst case the part may be japanese, BUT you did not fuel the demand by buying a whole new car from them! Yes the japanese cars are made here but it is still japanese and a japanese corp rakes in the dollars.

  2. This makes me very angry as well. How can anyone possibly kill a poor helpless animal like this? Especially a pregnant mother who only wants to give birth to her baby?? Shame on Japan!!! Where is their compassion & understanding that God created ALL forms of life to help beautify the Earth? This is a sick act.

  3. Karen Mckay says:

    Scientific research my arse!!!!

  4. Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    Absolutely sickening.


    If Japan was not the Perfect Docile American Satellite Nation (aka North Korea, Syria) we would be condemning and demanding the end to this senseless killing…!

  6. With so many species already in peril, this is not science but slaughter. Its shameful.

  7. Pete Andre says:

    Japan devastates sea life on a daily basis. Another good example of how the treat sea life is the dolphin slaughter. This annual event is the most sickening thing I have ever seen. How the world lets them and the Chinese get away with continues slaughter of wild life is just unbelievable.

  8. Is anybody really buying this “scientific research” BS? If yes, who are those idiots? Id no, why do the Japanese government, legislative and society even bother to put forth this scant hypocritical stupid excuse? Who is fooling whom here? Why can’t they just come out and say “we are cannibals because we can and we love it and no one can stop us and f… you all”. It would be a little more honest at least.

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