Don’t Let Wild Birds Die From Lead Poisoning

Target: The Right Honourable Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Goal: Stop the use of lead shots in United Kingdom wildfowl hunting.

Thousands of wildfowl are at risk of lead poisoning every year due to game hunters using lead-based ammunition. Included among these birds are a rare, vulnerable breed of red-headed duck, the golden eagle, and the red-listed grey partridge. These birds mistake scattered lead shot for gravel, which they eat to aid their digestion; birds who are hit by the shot also suffer from lead poisoning, leading to slow and painful deaths. It is not just birds who are at risk, either; people who consume lead-tainted game are likely to develop brain damage or other health complications.

Not only is it important to prevent lead poisoning in common game birds consumed as meat by humans, it is absolutely vital to protect wild species that are not hunted for game, but are simply trying to live their lives in their natural habitat. Additionally, lead pellets that are not eaten right away may also contaminate the soil, harming other nearby wildlife and plant life within the vicinity. Currently, steel shots are being proposed as a replacement, as steel is cleaner, cheaper, and more reliable.

These birds do not deserve to die slow, painful deaths, nor do humans deserve to risk brain damage via eating lead-tainted meat. Sign this petition to support the replacement of lead ammunition in game gunting.


Dear Prime Minister May,

The use of lead ammunition in wildfowl hunting is putting both thousands of birds and many humans at risk of lead poisoning. Humans who eat lead-tainted game risk brain damage or other health complications, while birds who mistake lead pellets for gravel and eat them risk slow, painful deaths via poisoning. Many vulnerable bird species such as the golden eagle, grey partridge, and red-headed duck are already at risk of near-extinction due to lead pellets.

Currently, the Lead Ammunition Group (LAG) has proposed the use of steel shots and other lead-free ammunition as a substitute; not only will this stop the possibility of lead ingestion among humans, but it will protect rare birds from population drops. You must support the LAG in their efforts to phase out lead shots for good, for the sake of humans and wildfowl alike.


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Photo Credit: Tony Hisgett

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  1. Derinda Nilsson says:

    Why do these assholes have to hunt in the first place? Don’t consume any meat. Leave meat off your plate. You won’t believe how your health will improve, when you stop eating meat. Diabetes, cancer and arthiritis just name a few diseases.

  2. Pointless asking Mrs May to do anything except ruin the country. She’s completely useless and she’s pro-hunt.

  3. Jacqui Skill says:

    Are you insane?! stop this now!!!Find your humanity!


    It happens here, too.

  5. Humans are a bunch of f****** caveman! Kill anything that moves.
    What a sick idea to have have humans on this planet in the first place.

  6. Mary J Zambrana says:

    I say this phrase too often, ” coexistence not extinction.” Does it not strike people that more species are going extinct because they are being eaten, among other reasons? Losing our fellow inhabitants would mean the end of humanity within a short time. Their importance to us by maintaining a balanced earth cannot be understated. We crowd them out of their habitats and hunt them down when they infringe on “our habitats” i.e. their original habitats. Think about it when you drive by a new development the next time. Find out how it impacted the animal inhabitants and where they are now after being pushed out by man. Again.

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