Justice for 20,000 Chicks Neglected and Killed at Airport

Target: Philippe Close, Mayor of Brussels, Belgium

Goal: Prosecute those who neglected the lives of baby chicks.

20,000 chicks were senselessly killed while waiting for a delay of a flight from Brussels to Kinshasa. The flight was delayed on a hot weekend, and instead of someone coming to the chicks’ rescue, they went without food or water in a transport container. By the time animal welfare services arrived, many of the chicks were already dead. The airport then sent a veterinarian to check on the chicks. The veterinarian’s response was to euthanize the chicks ‘in order to shorten their suffering.’ The airport firefighters refused to comply with the culling of the baby chicks, which led to local firefighters coming to seal and pump carbon dioxide into the container, killing the remaining chicks.

The horrific gassing didn’t need to occur. These chicks should have been taken care of and given food and water from the start. These baby chicks died a cruel death, and they deserve justice. Demand that the company and airport officials involved be prosecuted for this cruel act of animal neglect.


Dear Mayor Close,

20,000 baby chicks died due to the neglect of a company and airport officials. These baby chicks were stored in a hot and stuffy container without food or water and left to die. Many of the chicks died due to the heat and lack of food and water, but the survivors were then killed in an effort to ‘end their suffering.’

These chicks did not deserve this tragic death. They were neglected and left to die in this hot container without food or water. We demand that the company that exported the chicks and the airport officials who left them to die be held responsible for their actions and prosecuted.


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Photo Credit: Samdogs

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  1. Derinda Nilsson says:

    What a bunch of stupid bastards, These chicks never had a chance at life. This is beyond sad. Punish these neglectful sorry ass, stupid people.


  3. Heartless people! If you eat animals you are just as Guilty! They were murdered as chicks but as adults they would be stuffed in cages or crammed in barns to later be slaughtered!

  4. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Why does ANYONE think that live animals of any kind/species do not need….AIR…do not need…FOOD…do not need…WATER???
    The very same needs as their human asses do; people can be VERY STUPID, and this is a prime example of just how STUPID!!!!

  5. Beth Nordmeyer says:

    Horrible, who is being held accountable for this suffering?

  6. So, their solution for the delay was just gas them? Dear God, such cold and heartless people! And I thought Europe was civilized!!

  7. Karen Mckay says:

    disgusting. What effort would it have taken to feed and water these babies? I hope the people that are responsible for this find themselves in the same situation with no help!!!

  8. We toss over 30 MILLION male baby chicks into grinding machines called macerators at a single egg facility EVERY YEAR, simply because they are male and useless to the egg industry. Ask yourselves why this activity is okay so you can have an omelet, but 20,000 dying at an airport is a “horrific atrocity.” We don’t need to consume ANY animal products. ALL of this is an atrocity.

    PLEASE go vegan, and save the lives of the animals you claim to care about.

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