Save Suffering Elephant From Lifetime of Beatings and Abuse

Target: Kalyan Singh, Governor of Rajasthan, India

Goal: Send Suman the elephant to a sanctuary.

Suman is a six-year-old elephant who has spent her life alone, reportedly being beaten and tortured. Born into the Moonlight Circus, she was forced to perform tricks to entertain humans since she was born. This is the only world she has known. Moonlight Circus is known for allegedly treating their animals poorly, and as a result, they were banned from using animals in their acts.

When Suman could no longer be used in the circus, she was sold to a family that bought and allegedly abused elephants. Suman was then made to partake in a TV show that was later shut down for violating animal rights. Suman’s traumatic journey is still not over. Her owners are planning on training Suman for tourists to ride. Suman doesn’t deserve this life. Demand that she be taken away from these vicious people and sent to a sanctuary.


Dear Governor Singh,

Suman the elephant has never gotten a chance to live a normal life. She was born into captivity and spent most of her life being used for entertainment. She was used in the Moonlight Circus and forced to perform tricks. After the circus was banned from using animals, they sold Suman to an even grimmer fate. She was sold to a family who allegedly abused and used her for a profit.

Now, Suman’s owners are planning on training her to give rides to tourists. The elephants that are used for rides are routinely beaten until they are submissive enough to be used around tourists. Elephant rides are still extremely popular tourist attractions in Asia. These rides need to be put to an end. Elephants are beautiful and intelligent creatures that should be treated with dignity. We demand that Suman be taken from her heinous owners and moved to a sanctuary where she can live out the rest of her life.


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Photo Credit: Jean

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  1. Susan Budde says:

    She deserves a normal life as do all living creatures! It is so wrong to subject animals to cruel treatment for the purpose of use and abuse by humans.

  2. Something should have been done about this a long time ago. The whole world is aware of the obscenities that the people in the Middle and Far East perform. The world as a whole should have sanctioned them into submission long ago. Their ideas of fun, food and treatment of animals has always been something to be desired.
    Once again, I am not surprised to hear this, but, once again, I am sickened beyond belief.
    Shame on those countries that do this type of thing and, bigger shame on the “tourists” that go there and others that directly support the cruelty. It’s barbaric !

  3. Anjelica Rodrigues says:

    Stop exploiting helpless and voiceless Suman! Please move her to a sanctuary where she can live the rest of her life in peace and comfort.



  5. Victoria Hart says:

    ALL animals — human AND nonhuman — want to love, be loved, enjoy their freedom, & live on their own terms. BE VEGAN & end the part YOU play in upholding “acceptable” violence, animal cruelty, & exploitation inside cultural “norms” of society. Acknowledge the VICTIMS of your non-vegan habits & turn your heart towards justice rather than socially accepted injustice. It’s not too late to learn compassion & reverence for life.,,, &

  6. YOU ALL WILL ANSWER TO ALMIGHTY GOD SOME DAY SOON! He gave us animals as a compliment NOT TO ABUSE!! SORRY EXCUSE OF HUMAN BEINGS!!! Rest assured that you will suffer the consequences!!

  7. Diane Hoyle says:

    Please God help poor sum an get her away from her abusers. Sick human bastards

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