Find and Punish Man Who Dragged a Dog Behind His Scooter

Target: Ma Xingrui, Governor of Guangdong Province, China

Goal: Find and prosecute man responsible for dragging dog behind his scooter.

A man in China was seen dragging a small dog behind his scooter as he was driving along a busy street. Distressed witnesses saw the helpless dog was attached to the scooter by its leash as it was pulled by its neck and dragged on the concrete street.

This dog was incapable of getting away and was at the mercy of this cruel man. This incident occurred in Shantou City, Guangdong Province. Other motorists believed that the man was unaware of the dog being dragged, but when they brought it to his attention, the man checked behind him and continued to drive. Luckily a bystander stopped the man and purchased the dog to free it. Demand that this cruel man be identified and prosecuted for his heinous actions.


Dear Mr. Xingrui,

A man in Shantou City, Guangdong Province decided to drag a dog by a leash that was attached to the back of his scooter. The dog was clearly in distress as it helplessly was pulled by its neck. This man had no regard for the animal and did this in front of hundreds of people on a crowded street.

Although the dog was saved by a heroic bystander, this is not the case for many animals in China. China’s lack of prosecuting people who commit crimes against animals needs to come to an end. These animals deserve justice, and China’s outstanding rate of animal cruelty needs be addressed. The man who attached this dog to his scooter and dragged him across rough concrete streets needs to be found and held responsible for his actions. We demand that this man be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


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Photo Credit: Asia one

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  1. This happened in China. What do you expect???
    He was probably on his way to butcher it, and decided to torture it first. These (people? ) sold their souls to the devil thousands of years ago.


  3. Marie Ewing says:

    What’s with these incidents in China?! STOP THIS!

  4. Being paid not to kill your dog….what a supreme scum bag, piece of shit. But this is China…I’m surprised the dog wasn’t in a crate on the back of his motorcycle, being brought home to eat.

  5. teresa romero says:

    What about tying up the bastard to his own scooter and dragging him on the concrete street for about an hour, at least? – and then denying him medical attention?

  6. Mary J Zambrana says:

    Bless the person who paid for the voiceless, innocent dog’s freedom. Curse the person who committed such a horrible act against the dog. His obvious hatred for animals will be evident in his hatred for all living beings. We Westerners find it nearly impossible to understand what happens in the East. Yet in the U.S. thousands of animals are used for “research” in the most horrible, terrible ways. Check out the breeding of beagles by the thousands only to be killed when their usage is up. Millions of dollars are made here in our country on the hides of the voiceless innocents. Shame on us for allowing these things to happen.

  7. Wish I had seen that. Purchase the dog?? I wouldve stopped the guy then snapped his neck and happily taken the dog. The world needs to wake up. People like this forfeit their right to existence. Some human lives are valuable some arent worth shit. They need to be eliminated form society

  8. Richard Hofman Richard Hofman says:

    What would expect from Chinese.
    Everything that is moving they eat up!

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