Kitten Reportedly Thrown Against Floor and Disemboweled With Knife Deserves Justice

Target: Maureen Shelton, District Attorney for Wichita County, Texas

Goal: Demand that the teenage girls who allegedly tortured and killed a helpless kitten be assigned the maximum penalty possible by law.

A kitten suffered and died painfully after two teenagers allegedly tortured the poor animal. Per a video posted on social media, one teenager used a knife to cut the live kitten open. Demand justice for this innocent kitten.

Wichita Falls police arrested a 14-year-old girl after a shocking video reportedly showed her torturing and killing a kitten. Per investigators, the teenager repeatedly poked the kitten in the head with a knife and later disemboweled the live animal. The kitten was also reportedly sealed in a plastic bag and thrown down onto a hard floor. A concerned parent found the video on Snapchat, investigators stated, and informed police.

One of the teenagers was arrested and is currently residing at a juvenile detention center. A second teenager is also expected to be arrested. Per police, they will face animal cruelty charges. Sign below to demand that these teenagers receive the maximum penalty possible by law.


Dear District Attorney Shelton,

A kitten reportedly endured heinous torture and died at the hands of two teenage girls. A gruesome video reportedly showed the teenagers disemboweling the live kitten with a knife. We demand justice for this poor kitten.

A concerned parent contacted Wichita Falls police after she saw a graphic Snapchat video reportedly showing the torture and killing of a young kitten. The video reportedly depicted a 14-year-old girl stabbing the kitten in the head with a knife and then showed the poor animal being slammed down onto the ground. At the end of the video, the teenager can reportedly be seen disemboweling the kitten. The teenager has been arrested and is currently residing in a juvenile detention center. Per police, a second teenager will also likely be arrested, and both will face animal cruelty charges.

If guilty, these teenagers are a danger to animals and must be punished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Martha Joyce says:

    This is human filth of pure evil. These scum should be executed. This is so sick that these rotten human spawn should at least be sterilized and imprisoned. Do not give them the opportunity to keep doing this and next to a human child. The poor little kitten deserves justice. This is obviously not the first time these depraved dirtbags have tortured and killed. Their waste of space time is up.

  2. Olimpia Marina says:

    He should be hanged

  3. These “kids” are pure evil and that’s something you can’t rehabilitate. They have no business being in this world. Beat, gut and burn these bastards

  4. Peggy Waye says:

    These will be your next serial killers or gun shooters at school. Who raises a child to become a teenager that would purposely throw a kitten on the floor, stab it with a knife in the head, disembowel it with a knife??? I cannot imagine the horrible pain this precious kitten felt and these girls thought it was fun and even recorded it to share on social media. Please punish these mean, evil girls to the maximum…this poor kitten deserves no less and pray hey will not be able to harm another animals or a person next!

  5. They should have to stay there for a very long time until they can learn how to respect and love an animal

  6. james waldo says:

    These pieces of shits need to be chopped up with a machete then burned to a crisp. Amen gracias

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