Peacocks Plucked of Feathers at Zoo Deserve Justice

Target: President of China Xi Jinping

Goal: Forbid tourists from interacting with animals at zoos.

Two peacocks at Yunnan Zoo in Zunming, China recently died after tourists plucked their feathers. Photos circulated online show a joyful father holding one of the birds while his daughter petted the frightened creature, moments before violently removing its plumage. The peacocks reportedly died from trauma following the event. From lethally throwing bricks at a kangaroo to make it jump, to zookeepers allegedly beating a tiger for refusing to perform, this is the latest incident at Chinese zoos where animals have been ruthlessly harmed for spectator entertainment.

Like other Chinese animal refuges, patrons at the 1,133 hectare Yunnan park are permitted to approach, feed and take photographs with some animals. In such an open space with few guards on patrol, this is a breeding ground for disaster. People are literally being encouraged to impose on animal habitats. Laws must be made where animals are protected from thrill seeking customers, whether that means banning contact altogether, requiring more park rangers, or committing to the diligent persecution of wrongdoers. Motivate the Chinese president to take action by signing the petition below.


Dear President Xi,

There is no way to put this lightly –  animal abuse at Chinese zoos is becoming a serious problem. Recently two peacocks died at Yunnan Zoo in Zunming after a family removed their feathers in some sick attempt of souvenir hunting. The birds reportedly later died from complications, just like the kangaroo that had bricks thrown at it for not jumping on command. Not long ago, there were also allegations of a zookeeper boiling felines to make ¨tiger wine.¨ With all due respect, it appears as though there is little concern for the lack of decency in these situations.

Hopefully, you realize that new standards of protection must be set in place to ensure animal safety in China. Based on previous incidents, today we implore you to prohibit zoo visitors from having direct contact with animals any longer. To accompany new legislation, perhaps it would be advisable to publicly denounce those who deliberately harm animals for fun. Animals go through enough tribulation being held in captivity – why make matters even worse by allowing them to be terrorized by thoughtless tourists?


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Photo credit: CC0 Public Domain

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  1. This happened at a zoo??? What people do for entertainment, just disgusting. How sad. Nothing deserves to suffer.


  3. Some people’s moronic stupidity and cruelty never fails to amaze me!

  4. Karma’s abitch says:

    Ohhh China.. you never fail to amaze me…
    Worst offenders of all things living.
    Probably thought if you eat the feathers it cures blindness. Discusting pieces of filth!

  5. lynn woods says:

    what do you expect it’s China they don’t care about animals they love to torture kill and eat anything that breaths dogs cats horses donkeys bears like I said anything that breaths

  6. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    Agree with all previous comments!

  7. Pea brain humans from China again. What else is new….

  8. Derinda Nilsson says:

    When does it end china? Your a bunch of hateful bastards. Plucking feathers, Just maybe God will pluck your sorry life from this planet for abusing his animals. Sick ass people.

  9. Maureen Downs says:

    If China gave as much attention to the animal population as they do to the Pandas it would be a far better place for all animals.

  10. Linda York says:

    China, what is wrong with you people??!! Animals were NOT put on this earth so we can torture and kill them. You are investing in some pretty horrendous karma, and I hope it hits you sooner than later.

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