Prevent Animal Abusers From Working With Animals

Target: Paul Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives

Goal: Follow the state of New York’s lead in making it illegal for convicted animal abusers to work with animals in the future.

The New York State Senate has passed a measure that will forbid known animal abusers from working with animals again. This example must be emulated in the rest of the country. According to the bill, it will be illegal for any person convicted of animal abuse to work in an animal shelter, humane society, pound, or as an animal control officer.  To do so will be considered a Class A misdemeanor when the bill passes the Assembly, which will hopefully happen promptly. There are currently no laws in any other state prohibiting abusers from obtaining this type of employment.

New York’s bill classifies killing, torturing, beating, maiming or mutilating, overworking, and depriving an animal of food or drink as animal abuse. As Senator Patrick Gallivan states, “Too often people who have been convicted of abusing animals work or obtain jobs at shelters intended to protect animals. We don’t allow child abusers to work in daycare centers and we should not permit animal abusers to hold positions in which they oversee the care of dogs, cats or other animals.” Sign below to demand the protection of animals not only in New York, but across the country from this type of abuse.


Dear Speaker Ryan,

Animal abuse is a very serious offense, and at present there are no bills in any state besides New York preventing convicted animal abusers from continuing to work with animals. Not only is animal abuse inhumane and wrong in and of itself, it is also commonly an indicator that a person may be abusive and violent toward other people. It is therefore vital that known animal abusers be closely monitored.

The New York State Senate has passed a bill that will make it illegal for anyone convicted of animal abuse to work at a shelter, pound, humane society, or as an animal control officer. This is a necessary step that must be implemented across the nation. I urge you to follow New York’s lead and make it illegal for convicted animal abusers to work with animals nationwide.


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Photo Credit: Dave Parker

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  1. Anyone thst hurts a defenseless animal should do Jail time and share cell with a animal lover so they pay for there crime on a daily basis, and get what the law cant give them a good beatdown !!! COWARDS PICKIN ON DEFENSELESS ANIMAL

  2. lynn woods says:

    these horrible inhumans should never be allowed near an animal again I agree with Christopher Dangelo put them in a cell with an animal lover and hope the hell he gets the crap beaten out of him

  3. Derinda Nilsson says:

    Just like you wouldn.t put a child with a child abuser, the same should apply for animals. No animal should ever be in the care of a animal abuser. There are so many types of abuse that these poor animals endure. It’s sickening and very sad.

  4. Laws can be passed, but their strict enforcement is one part of making sure that known abusers never have contact with animals again. Shelters and rescues must be super vigilant about doing a thorough investigation of all who work, or volunteer, in their facilities before putting animals in danger.


  6. cherie ethier says:


  7. Kind of like letting the fox guard the hen house. STUPID!
    Animal abusers need to be culled.

  8. It’s a no-brainer! past the f****** law!

  9. Do those places check the records of people they hire or are they just hiring them because they need someone?
    When a report is made or someone complains of cruelty incidents, an exhaustive investigation should take place and the guilty employee arrested on the spot and sent to jail. No more ‘if found guilty’… that’s bullshit!

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