Justice for Elephant Allegedly Starved to Death as “Punishment”

Target: Hun Sen, Prime Minister of Cambodia

Goal: Ensure punishment for the owner who allegedly starved elephant Beong Kok to death for his “bad behavior.”

An elephant was allegedly starved to death in Cambodia as punishment for his “bad behavior” by an owner who refused to feed him for a month. The elephant, named Beong Kok, was 35 years old. He got loose in March, sparking anger by running through a village. When he was caught by his enraged owner two days later, the owner allegedly refused to feed him so that he would be too weak to behave unpredictably.

Although houses in the village were damaged when Beong Kok was loose, a worker with the local elephant conservationist group reports that there were no injuries. Witnesses to the cruel treatment of Beong Kok say that the elephant gave up and died on the side of the road after trying and failing multiple times to get to his feet. By the time wildlife workers found him, it was too late. This abuse must not be allowed to stand. Sign below to demand punishment for this unacceptable cruelty and justice for Beong Kok.


Dear Prime Minister Sen,

The horrific treatment of a 35-year-old elephant named Beong Kok, who was allegedly starved to death by his owner in Cambodia, must not go ignored. Beong Kok was reportedly too starved to even stand when he died, having allegedly been denied food for a month as punishment for running through a village when he got loose last month.

Elephants are gentle and intelligent creatures, and this type of torturous abuse is inhumane and cruel. Despite some structural damage when Beong Kok was loose, he did not injure anyone in the village and did not deserve this brutal treatment. No animal deserves to die such a painful death. Beong Kok deserves justice, and the government of Cambodia must not allow this kind of inhumane animal abuse to continue. I urge you to ensure that the person responsible for this tragedy is brought to justice.


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Photo Credit: Nick Kean

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  1. This human beast should have the same faith. Starve to death near the side of the road. Cambodia, India, all this countries need to STOP USING ELEPHANTS AS SLAVES OR ANY OTHER 4 PAWS ANIMAL.
    They are equal to us, deserve to be treated with dignity and love, respect. This beast of 2 paws wouldn’t do the same to his sun and if he does, it was a very good thing as they spread like worms. I hope millions of cambodia people die, like in all asia and africa. This people reproduce like worms and than want to invade all the others to fed and live on others work, just like worms who invade the hostess.
    I do curse this human beast as I would always prefer an elephant to a cambodia human. But i would prefer a 4 paw animal to a human beast or even just a human. Withe the animal i have more confidence&reliability&loyalty….


  3. lynn woods says:

    this sick cruel man should be starved to death this poor elephant endured 35 years of cruelty and only wanted to be free like they all should be and this creep did this but then of course look at where it is an asian country they thrive on cruelty to animals in all asian countries what they do to animals hell waits for all of them that kill and torture elephants bears dogs cats donkeys horses or any poor animal that breaths these subhumans will get theirs someday and I hope they all die a slow painful death

  4. Patricia Williams says:

    The stupidity of this Pos is appalling. Do the same for his ‘punishment’..

  5. This world is full of creeps … who shouldn’t even be alive!

  6. Derinda Nilsson says:

    Everyone agrees to starve this hateful scumbag. I think we all know why this poor elephant ran away when he did. There isn’t punishment enough for this creep. I don’t why its always to late for rescue, why is that?

  7. Ravinder singh says:

    First of all he should not have kept him in the captivity .What is the punishment of this bastard. he should be given the same treatment ,no food in the captivity.

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