Don’t Kill Loyal Support Dog


Target: Assistant District Attorney Jonathan Liberman, Sagadahoc County

Goal: Save support dog from euthanasia and return her to disabled Vietnam veteran.

Myriah, a support dog, is in danger of being euthanized and has recently been taken away from her owner, a disabled military veteran, after she allegedly attacked another dog. Both dogs are in good health and the attack was a direct result of Myriah’s owner failing to use a leash, as the law requires. District Attorney Jonathan Liberman considers Myriah dangerous and is not opposed to euthanizing her. Sign this petition to urge the district attorney to vow not to euthanize Myriah, and to instead implement an adequate solution for both parties.

Despite her owner’s negligence that resulted in an unfortunate sequence of events, Myriah should be returned to her owner. Had she been on a leash, these attacks would not have occurred. Myriah’s owner absolutely deserves punishment for failing to properly restrain his support dog, but euthanizing Myriah is cruel and unnecessary.

In addition, Myriah’s owner failed to properly license her, also required by law. A more adequate solution for all involved would be for Myriah’s owner to pay a fine for his negligence and be required to maintain control of Myriah at all times. It is unacceptable to not have a dog properly restrained in public.

None of this, however, is Myriah’s fault, and ensuring this does not happen again is very much possible without euthanizing her. Please sign this petition to urge District Attorney Liberman to implement a solution that does not involve putting down a dog that does not have a history of violence.


Dear District Attorney Liberman,

I am writing you today to ask that you strongly consider options other than euthanasia in the case of Myriah, a disabled veteran’s support dog. Though the attack that took place was very much unacceptable, it is also entirely preventable in the future without the need to put Myriah down.

Myriah’s owner should be properly punished for not licensing her and for failing to restrain her while on a walk. With proper regulation, there is no reason this man should have to mourn his dog’s death if there is another, more viable option.

Too often, owners commit simple acts of negligence that can potentially have serious consequences, but to punish a dog that does not have a history of violence is not the answer. There is a more adequate solution that ensures this will not happen again and can reunite a disabled veteran with his companion. I urge you to exercise this option and vow not to rely on euthanasia as a lazy solution to a problem that can easily be fixed.


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Photo Credit: Reygecko via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Cecily Colloby says:


  2. Charlsid Lyon says:

    Please don’t kill this dog, she can’t explain why she attacked another dog. Perhaps she felt her owner was in danger. Don’t move too quickly to kill.

    • KatWrangler says:


    • Beverley Crawford Beverley Crawford says:

      All that is necessary is to make sure the owner knows that the leash law is to protect everyone…people, other dogs and their own dog. It is not necessary to destroy the dog who was most likely sensing fear of something. Who knows what or why. The dogs should have been leashed. Some dogs need mussels when not socialized. But if this is a support dog, that is probably not necessary. It is stupid for anyone to think that it is necessary to kill a dog because of one scuffle. And what is the big deal, neither dog was seriously injured. If we killed kids for fighting, as they all do occasionally, all of our children would be dead.

  3. When did we become a society that so cavalierly and maliciously, intentionally take the life of an innocent through no fault of their own made to pay the price of another party of guilt or fault? How do you even begin to justify that? Rules and regulations are meant to serve as guides for the most part. Life is not black and white, cut and dry and situations must be adjudicated accordingly. This is NOT a scenario that even approaches the bar/threshold of considering taking the life of an intelligent, emotional, sentient being whose job it is to faithfully and loyally support another intelligent, emotional sentient being (in human form) who is a patriot and put their life on the line for service and love of country.
    I say this as the daughter of a WWII veteran, and also as a board member of animal control in my own town, and I work with rescues and have dogs of my own.
    Instead of being in the business of destroying and murder, how about working to help and right some wrongs. Myriah needs to be on a leash or in a secure, fenced area, her owner’s fault. No dog was seriously injured or killed.
    District Attorney Jonathan Liberman, dogs, just like people don’t get along with all other dogs and a fight or dust up can and do occur. She may have been acting to protect her human. Before you rush to murder her, the better solution might be (if you have one) to get your dog officer animal board to help get this under better control, and work out damages with the other dogs’ families involved. Get an animal behaviorist to help out. There are lots of people who are available.
    Mistakes have been made. If they can be corrected, wouldn’t that be the humane, compassionate and honorable thing to do first? There are often extenuating circumstances. Everyone deserves a chance. In the end, this dog may simply need a more skilled owner. I have breeds like that. Perhaps your Veteran needs a different type of support dog, but it doesn’t mean that this one should be killed.
    Please find it in your heart to be compassionate, judicious and be an advocate of a just legal finding. Please don’t rush to a judgement that is much more extreme that required and can never be undone. Can we dial this back and make things right for the life of a being that hangs in the balance? Thank you for reading my email and your consideration.

  4. KatWrangler says:

    No one knows why Myriah attacked. She’s there to help and protect her person – maybe she was. It is not her fault she was off a lead. Please help this disabled vet understand the responsibilities of having a service/companion dog. Killing is NOT the answer.

    Don’t punish this American Vet or Myriah – help them!

  5. Michael Guest says:

    No, she didn’t, and it’s not her fault. This dog is also innocent! Please, please save her!!

  6. Ravinder Singh says:

    What happens when humans are killing animals. Don,t we humans fight with each other,are we also euthanize. If this is not done then why animals. We are worse then animals always killing each other, having wars. What happens? Nothing. People get away with heinous crimes. With animals we are doing this because they cannot speak for themselves. If they could, then they would show us our real face in the mirror.

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