Dogs With Hair So Matted They Screamed When Touched Deserve Justice

Target: Timothy D. Sini, District Attorney for Suffolk County, New York

Goal: Demand that the woman who allegedly neglected her two dogs, resulting in the dogs becoming malnourished and severely matted, receive the maximum penalty by law.

Two dogs were allegedly starved and neglected in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The dogs reportedly suffered from malnourishment, and their hair was severely matted and urine-soaked. Demand justice for these poor dogs.

“They had difficulty walking, and even screamed in pain from touching them, because they were so matted,” stated Roy Gross, chief of the Suffolk County SPCA. The two Shih-tzus, owned by Blanca Andrade, were reportedly so malnourished that their ribs showed through their skin, and they suffered from multiple untreated infections. Per investigators, the dogs were infested with fleas, and they wandered freely around the neighborhood in all extremes of weather.

The dogs received medical treatment, and are they are currently residing at the Babylon Animal Shelter. The SPCA charged Andrade with two counts of animal cruelty. Sign below and demand that Andrade receive the maximum penalty by law, if convicted.


Dear District Attorney Sini,

Two dogs suffered when they were allegedly starved and neglected. The dogs’ hair was reportedly so matted and urine-soaked that they screamed in pain when touched. We demand justice for these innocent dogs.

The Suffolk County SPCA charged Blanca Andrade with two counts of animal cruelty after she allegedly starved and neglected her two Shih-tzus. Per investigators, the dogs suffered with untreated infections and flea infestations. They were reportedly so malnourished that their ribs showed through their skin, and they often wandered the streets in extreme weather. The dogs are residing at the Babylon Animal Shelter while they recover. Andrade is due in court at a later date.

This alleged neglect must be punished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Babylon Animal Shelter

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  1. jeanette says:

    years ago I had a poodle. I couldn’t afford to have him groomed, so I saved my money and bought a pair of clippers. ok so it wasn’t the best job in the world, but no way would I have let my sweet poodle or any other long haired dog get in such a pitiful condition. dumb female owner.

  2. Katherine says:

    I simply cannot comprehend as to why petitions have to be signed to do what is right * We need to stand up & protect the helpless * People who are capable of such Evil Hateful acts * Let us not even think that there Hate/Evil acts stop there * At only hurting our precious helpless Animals * There cruelty extends outside that * We need to rid of people with such hate & evil inside of them * Do the harshest punishment possible & Lets wake up here * Stronger laws & punishments need to be made NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW . . . . . There are people in our society that have absolutely forfitted there right to live among us because of there own actions & there deciept

  3. Nadine brundage says:

    Why did it take so long for someone to call the animal shelter for these poor neglected dogs? If you can’t take care of your pets don’t have any.

  4. Darlene Roepke says:

    Animals rely on us to take care of them, and someone who could do such a thing, deserves to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Can you imagine the pain these poor dogs went through? What did these poor innocent souls do to deserve this kind of abuse/torture? Not a damn thing! People like this need to endure some kind of horrific pain for what they bestowed upon these innocent animals. Dogs give us unconditional love, and this is how these bastards repay them? Prosecute and jail them…and don’t forget one hell of a fine as well!

  5. Tessa Reyneke says:

    Why do we need to sign petitions get justice to be served??? A terrible abuse was done to these poor innocent dogs because not only were they neglected by getting their hair matted to such an extend that it caused them so much pain that they cried in agony but they were also starved as to where their ribs were seen!!!! Make this evil piece of shit pay and prosecute her!!!!

  6. Linda Goby says:

    What A demented bitch! She needs to be locked up for a while and no pets ever again. People like her have no soul. They are heartless and cruel. She’s disgusting and pathetic.

  7. Mary Harrington says:

    I am the neighborhood dog “watch dog” and every neighborhood should have one. People are so afraid to get involved. What cowards! To save a life, what a feeling to know that you posses the right stuff to protect the innocent, whether human or animal. This lunatic should go to jail, pay a fine, pay for the vet, and be banned from EVER owning an animal again. Though she is pathetic so are the neighbors. and if she is slapped on the hand and let go without consequences that fit the crime, so is the judge.

  8. There are far too many cases of animal cruelty. I think people are ignorant, crazy, psychotic, inhumane, and just plain EVIL!! For every case that is reported, there are that times 10 that aren’t. We need to get laws passed for all these innocent animals. The stricter the law and penalty maybe we’ll see less of this kind of twisted behavior. Until that happens we need to be the VOICE for animals since they can’t speak out for themselves. This woman clearly knew what she was doing to her 2 precious dogs, but still chose to neglect them without food, water, and proper physical care. She should be punished as harshly as possible, all these abusers/murders should be. There should never be “just a slap on the wrist” because these people will do harm again.

  9. Agree all comments torture these C**Ts to death

  10. What a dirtbag of a person this woman is. How HORRIBLE to let these dogs wonder around like this and let them get to this point of neglect. We are glad the SPCA charged her with two counts of animal CRUELTY. We hope these poor innocent dogs will recover and go to a loving home where they will be well cared for and given much love and affection.

  11. Linda Barnett says:

    Andrade must be severely dealt with. She must be prosecuted, jailed and served with a life time ban from guardianship of ANY animal. There must be justice for these two innocent neglected and abused dogs. Such cruelty is unacceptable and inexcusable and this evil woman must pay the penalty for the traumatic mistreatment and abuse she has caused to these two innocent vulnerable dogs. We cannot, and MUST NOT allow for abusers, such as Andrade, to get off lightly for such despicable cruelty. Perpetrators of such cruelty must be severely dealt with.

  12. this is serious cruelty, human beings don’t realize how hair matted like that pulls continually on the skin – the skin infections, eye, ears, nails digging into pads, etc. Please people, get involved earlier – they walked around the neighborhood for how long? Please prosecute this woman to the fullest extent and then ban her for life from owning any animal. She is not deserving of their love. SICK! (BTW these dogs look like Havaneses – I have 2 and they are always groomed, cleaned, bathed – makes me sick to think what these dogs endured and to starve them – what are people thinking????

    • These retards need to be tied up somewhere remote and left to wither away – if you mistreat animals you should suffer, wicked scum


    • Yes if she is disabled or ill she needs support if she ever was to be allowed to have a pet this happened to someone I knew and she was not able to do her own hair….her husband had recently died and they had a Llasa Apso which do matt but it was hot and the dog got fleas. She was an animal lover but unable to manage alone

  14. Simon Rimmer says:

    Animal cruelty must become a death penalty crime. Just kill this evil whore.

  15. Sally Bebo-Anderson says:

    FELONY! Prosecute to the max! Poor sweet dogs!

  16. Where does that bastard come from? Report her to ICE so she gets deported after she finishes her two-year jail term at least … at a maximum security prison!

  17. Martha Joyce says:

    This piece of wet dung must be sterilized and arrested, and imprisoned for life – living in her own waste and never given a haircut. She is human filth to have abused those two sweet dogs.

  18. Denise Devereux says:

    We all know the law is useless and will do little to punish or deter these crimes so until such time as congress takes animal abuse, torture and murder seriously then Morally Street Justice Must Prevail.
    You could have handed the dogs in but No you enjoyed watching them suffer and in pain.
    Perpetrator, Andrade when you think this is all over we will come for you and let’s see how you do when you come up against someone bigger and stronger than you.

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