Stop Cruel Organized Horse Fights in the Philippines

Target: The Honorable Pantaleon Alvarez, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Philippines

Goal: Support the fight against bloody, barbaric horse battles in the Philippines.

Barbaric horse fights known as derbies kill fifteen horses each year in the Philippines, brutally injuring others. Stallions are forced into combat using the scent of a mare; these stallions will kick, gore, and bite each other until one either dies, flees, or submits. The mare, restrained during the fights, is then taken as the winner’s prize, forcefully mounted against her will.

This brutality is considered entertainment. Hundreds of horses are forced to fight to the death, though in some cases death may almost be the preferred outcome as the survivors sustain painful and lingering wounds. The mares are essentially raped, often sustaining wounds themselves as they try to escape their fate or are abused by the stallions. These animals are exploited and abused, not only for entertainment but for a tidy profit as humans pay to watch these horrific displays.

The number of territories in which derbies are still legal is decreasing by the day, but these fights still continue, and horses are still suffering and dying. We need the full support of Philippine law and government to stop these brutal excuses for entertainment. Sign this petition to protect horses from future exploitation and cruelty.


Dear Speaker Alvarez,

Derby fights kill fifteen horses each year, and despite efforts from animal welfare groups and President Rodrigo Duterte himself, territories within the Philippines still allow these fights to go on. The horses are horribly mistreated, with the males forced to fight to the death and the females restrained and raped as the winner’s prize.

These fights should not be allowed to continue. Hundreds of horses are being exploited and abused each year for the sake of entertainment and profit, as though they were objects rather than living creatures. The survivors live with the trauma and pain of injuries or rape, making death almost seem like the better alternative. These fights need to be outlawed in all parts of the Philippines, and you must join our efforts to protect the horses.


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Photo Credit: Andrew Smith

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    This is OUTRAGEOUS…WHY do humans crave the fighting, maiming and killing of beautiful horses, dogs, roosters, etc? Many humans today are NO BETTER THAN THE BLOODTHIRSTY ROMANS in their day. STOP THE FRIGGING BARBARISM!!!!

  2. Derinda Nilsson says:

    Only the sick sorry axx humans would find this entertaining. Anyone who enjoys this perverted way to make these poor horses mate, is a sick sadistic and would not stop at raping anything that walks this earth. Hope you all suffer at your end days.

  3. Christine L Bugiel says:

    What is wrong with these people and countries? Civilized? Far from it!!

  4. lynn woods says:

    is something being done to stop this cruelty or do we sign these petitions and nothing is done seize these beautiful animals from these horrible subhumans and get them into sanctuary is there no laws in this cruel country look what they do to dogs wire their feet behind their backs and sell them for meat usual asian type cruelty where is god when he lets man do these horrible things to his beautiful creatures he put the wrong species in command

  5. Yes, we wish the creator of our world would reach out and stop all cruelty between the species. What we were made for was to ensure that the cruelty never happens. What more can we do? Anything you are able to. Stand up and fulfill your duties, seeing to it that the horrors stop.

  6. What is wrong with people?? This is so WRONG and disgraceful and CRUEL. This needs to be banned and OUTLAWED. Stupid ignorant people exploiting helpless animals.


  8. Bunch of ‘wild beasts’ … that’s what those aborigens are.

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