Justice for Elephant Starved, Beaten, and Killed

Target: Satya Pal Malik, Governor of Bihar

Goal: Ensure Laxmi the elephant finally receives justice after 30 years of abuse.

Lamxi never got a chance at a happy life. At a young age she was taken away illegally from her family and the wild in Bihar, India. Lamxi is believed to have been malnourished and neglected until the day she died. She endured 30 years of inhumane treatment which reportedly included grueling hours of work, being whipped, and left alone in a tiny cold room with zero interaction with other elephants.

After Lamxi’s abusers were done with her, they apparently left her to die. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to kill her or leave her extremely malnourished. They also decided to torture her without reason days before the elephant took her last breath. The Forest Department found her chained in a small brick shed. Her abusers fled leaving her dead lifeless body in her own filth. Lamxi deserved better than this, she didn’t deserve a life full of pain and suffering. Sign below to demand that justice is served and Lamxi’s killers are found and prosecuted for their actions.


Dear Mr. Malik,

Lamxi was taken from the wild illegally at a very young age. The poachers that took her away from her family abused and deeply malnourished her to the point of death. She lived for 30 years and when she was no longer useful for these heartless abusers, they attacked her with spears, bull-hooks, and sticks before leaving her to die alone in a small brick shed.

Cases like Lamxi’s are sadly not uncommon. There have been many cases that are similar; elephants that are taken from their home and forced to work while being grossly mistreated and malnourished. There needs to be an end to these cases of animal abuse. Assure Lamxi gets the justice she deserves, and the Indian government finds these abusers and prosecutes them.


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Photo Credit: Andy Mitchell

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  1. rot in jail all your life in the dark
    know pain and fear and madness and hunger and then rot in hell
    imagine the lonliness
    the isolation
    the hunger
    the pain
    the relentless drag of day on day overworked or closed in the dark silence
    know all that then rot in hell

  2. C Mitchell says:

    my soul just curls up and dies when i read this torture, that takes place every second i breath, all over the world, and i don’t understand why. They haunt my every breath, every day these stories I have seen, that rescuers i support encounter…and when they die in pain and alone and in fear in their millions I want to hold them all. to love them all. to let them hear a loving voice, a gentle touch, to stop their pain.
    How in the hell do people do this. I try every day to save some but its never enough….

    • C Mitchell I am so with you. But is not us who should save, is humans should kill those humans doing this, so we will erradicate more and more these genetic aberrations, psychos, pedophiles, rapists should all be tortured and killed.

  3. I curse those humans as well as all that abuse any 4 paws the 2 paws beasts. I hope this human shit suffer from now on the same faith in any way and die alone confined in a cofen if possible, they deserve to suffer for 1 year at least abuse and more abuse till they should be beaten to left to die. I am so sad I can’t save all animals from my own horrible in general species, show them another life and elephants are so sensitive and they were here before us. is so unfair, so i don’t believe there is a God that allows human to do this to other animals that He also created.

  4. Ellis Toscano says:

    A country that should hang it’s head in shame.

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