Tell Domino’s Pizza to Stop Using Cruel Gestation Crates

Target: Domino’s Pizza

Goal: Encourage Domino’s Pizza to phase out use of cruel gestation crates

Many meat-heavy fast food restaurants have agreed to appease consumers and phase out of using uncomfortable, inhumane and harmful gestation crates for the pigs that they use in their pork products. When asked to do the same and treat their pigs with more respect, Domino’s Pizza refused to comply and stated that it was not their responsibility to treat their pigs humanely. Pigs that are raised for consumption deserve to have enough room to move around and be the intelligent and social animals that they are, before their lives are taken from them to be used as food.

Gestation crates are tiny cages, typically two by seven feet, that sows live in while they are pregnant. When the sow gives birth she is moved to an enclosed area, a farrowing crate, where she is allowed to nurse her young. When the piglets are weaned, the sow is once again returned to the gestation crate and impregnated; this cycle continues for the entirety of the sows life. McDonalds; Smithfield Foods, the largest pork producer on the planet; Wendy’s and Burger King all agree that gestation crates are inhumane and are phasing out of using the crates.

The Humane Society of the United States asked Domino’s stakeholders, in April of 2012, to stop purchasing pork from suppliers that use gestation crates. Many huge corporations are purchasing more humane pork and eight states have outlawed use of the crates. Michigan, Domino’s home state, is one of the eight.

No matter the public or moral pressure Domino’s refuses to budge on their stance. A petition created previously on acquired 135,000 signatures urging Domino’s to “phase cruel gestation crates out of their supply chains”. Let us top this number and demand that Domino’s phase out of the use of gestation crates. Tell them to finally set an example, rather than be made an example, and phase out quicker than any other food chain.


Dear Domino’s Pizza,

Many fast-food restaurants and major pork suppliers have agreed that gestation crates are inhumane and unnecessary. Companies like McDonalds, Burger King and Smithfield Foods are phasing out of the use of gestation crates for their sows. These companies understand that pigs are intelligent and social animals. If you insist on killing them for food, at least allow them a more comfortable life.

Domino’s stance on gestation crates is no mystery. The Humane Society of the United States urges Domino’s to phase out of gestation crates, as do consumers. A petition created on acquired 135,000 signatures; these are potential customers that believe Domino’s lack of concern is enough for them to petition against the decision to continue with crates, and ultimately not purchase a Domino’s product. A 2007 study from Iowa State University found that getting rid of gestation crates resulted in an 11% cost savings for pork producers. The right decision is simple, more cost effective, more popular with consumers and more humane.

I am urging Domino’s to listen to the consumers and the facts. Many other fast food restaurants are making the change, and have gained a positive spotlight due to their decision to phase out of gestation crates. Make the move to more humane raising methods. Make the transition quickly and gain popularity in a positive manner. Domino’s Pizza: make the right decision.


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