End the Horrendous Torture of Chickens


Target: Elton Maddox, President and CEO of Wayne Farms

Goal: End the abuse and torture of chickens in supposedly humane factory farms.

Thousands and thousands of chickens are allegedly being tortured to death in North Carolina, according to undercover video recorded at at a Wayne Farms slaughterhouse. This is blatant animal abuse and cannot be tolerated. Demand that Wayne Farms ends its alleged animal torture at once.

Video recently released by the animal rights organization Mercy for Animals purports to show the horrible abuses against chickens taking place at a factory farm owned by Wayne Farms, the sixth largest processor of poultry in the country. Workers are shown breaking live chickens’ legs and wings, electrocuting them, cutting their throats and letting them bleed out, and even throwing them into vats of hot water.

These are abuses that go above and beyond any reasonable benchmark of wanton evil. Chickens subjected to factory farming are already forced to live short, cruel lives—the revelations contained in this video show just how much more they have to endure for no reason whatsoever.

This is torture, plain and simple. Innocent animals have the exact same right to live a life free of abuse and violence that humans have. Sign the petition below to demand that Wayne Farms ends its alleged torture of chickens at once.


Dear President Maddox,

I am writing you today regarding abuses against chickens reportedly taking place at one of your North Carolina farms that have been videotaped and released to the public by Mercy for Animals. These abuses are egregious and should be stopped at once.

According to the video, your workers torture these innocent animals. They break their bones, electrocute them, slice their throats, and dump them into containers of hot water. That these actions are inhumane should be obvious, but to say that they are merely inhumane is, frankly, whitewashing. They are cruel and malevolent. You owe it to these animals to respect them, but that is very clearly not happening. These actions apparently perpetrated by your company are evil and constitute the worst kind of farming.

Your website states that your company “has very strict guidelines for every aspect of our business including the policies and procedures ensuring the humane handling and slaughter of every chicken.” Those have very clearly gone by the wayside. I demand that you end the torture of chickens perpetrated by your farms at once.


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Photo credit: David.Monniaux via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. comment ces personnes qui pratiquent cette façon pour l’abattage des poulets peuvent se regarder le matin dans la glace

  2. Beverley Crawford Beverley Crawford says:

    Let’s spread the word and boycott buying any chickens produced for sale from North Carolina. Hit them where it will hurt them the most, their pocketbooks. Then, we should also stop buying anything from any grocery store that takes in chicken from Wayne Farms to apply further pressure. Also speak to the news media requesting press/TV coverage. There ARE legal ways to stop this, but ending with a polite “please don’t be mean to the chickens” won’t do it.

  3. Ravinder Singh says:

    Only devils can do this, not a human with kind heart and compassion. MONSTERS.

  4. Do you think people like this belong anywhere near animals? Clearly, these people are mentally unstable. These idiots are cruel, merciless, hateful, irrational. They should all be thrown into rubber rooms — WAYNE FARMS and all farms similar to Wayne should be SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY — if rules are not enforced severely, these psychopaths will continue their unconscionable brutality! These innocent animals should be transferred to sanctuaries for proper care! WE AS A SOCIETY SHOULD NOT ALLOW SUCH SAVAGE AND CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR against animals — our animals deserve to be protected & properly cared for! WHAT ARE LAWS FOR? PLEASE, SAVE THESE ANIMALS! IN ADDITION, If you must eat meat — pay a visit to “HFAC” — farms with care raise animals from birth onward — “CERTIFIED HUMANE RAISED & HANDLED”

  5. Christine Stewart says:

    The part about “Electrocuting, slitting their throats so they’ll bleed out, and throwing them into hot water” is sadly ACCEPTABLE slaughter methodology in the U.S.! You MUST become vegetarian/vegan as much as possible. There is NO livestock processing facility that is going to be too much more humane than this hell-hole, when the plan is to kill as many animals as quickly as possible. Kosher/halal slaughter is no better- as the animals have their throats slit while fully conscious, and bleed to death in wide awake terror.

  6. Corey Fortier says:


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