Punish Man Charged With Confining Three Dozen Dogs in SUV

Target: Brian Frosh, Attorney General of Maryland

Goal: Punish man reportedly caught with an SUV packed full of dogs.

Over three dozen dogs were reportedly found crammed into an SUV last fall, most in various states of neglect, distress, and malnutrition. Their former owner, Javier Enrique Peralta, is finally being taken to trial on 33 charges of animal neglect this coming summer. Reportedly, three of the dogs were pregnant, and almost all of them had been starving. One puppy even had to be euthanized after the rescue due to having eaten tinfoil and plant material, both very dangerous for dogs’ digestive systems.

It is believed that the poor dogs had been trapped in the vehicle for days on end, with very little food, water, or even room to move around very much. Additionally, thirteen of the dogs were perfectly fine due to ‘herd dynamics.’ Peralta had reportedly been ‘free-feeding’ the dogs rather than seeing that each one got the proper sustenance, leading the bigger and stronger dogs to muscle the smaller ones away from any decent food.

This is no way for any animal to live, much less three dozen. Frankly, it is a miracle only one of them did not survive, herd dynamics nonwithstanding. Reports state that eviction played a role in Peralta’s poor decision, but it is no excuse to allegedly let so many dogs languish and starve for days. Sign this petition to ensure that Peralta faces the consequences of his alleged neglect.


Dear Attorney General Frosh,

A man reportedly caught with 33 dogs crammed into his SUV will be taken to trial this coming summer. The dogs had reportedly been found in various states of neglect, distress, and malnutrition save for thirteen; one puppy even had to be euthanized due to having eaten tinfoil and plant material, both dangerous to canine digestive systems. Javier Enrique Peralta and his family had reportedly been evicted from their home and intended to take every dog with them to a new residence.

While the intent was not malicious, it is still no excuse for a person to allegedly leave so many animals trapped in a vehicle for days with little to no food or water and limited room to move. The thirteen dogs in good health were suspected of muscling the others out of any decent food, forcing the smaller and weaker ones to forage for whatever scraps they could find in the car. This is no way for any animal to live, and no self-respecting pet owner would allow the situation to grow this dire.

You must ensure that Peralta faces justice. Regardless of intent, his alleged actions were still neglectful and short-sighted when it came to the health and well-being of these dogs. Please ensure that he is punished accordingly.


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Photo Credit: Ms. Sara Kelly

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  1. Derinda Nilsson says:

    I’m not buying this low life scum bag’s lie. If he really cared about any of these animals he wouldn’t of adopted them in the first place. Why wait until summer to put this piece of shit in jail. He was using these dogs for bait for dog fighting. Wake up! Maryland. Please don’t allow him to ever own another animal.

  2. Clara Stephens says:

    I’m tried of seeing abusers of animals going free. Let’s start purnishing them to the fullest!!!!

  3. 33 counts x 3 years each… hmmm, yeah, that seems like a fair amount of time to sentence the guy.

  4. Chihuahas are very popular and sought after – he must have been selling them for a living and since he had that many, the property owner evicted him. Anyhow he should pay for his carelessness and lack of compassion.

  5. Dear Attorney General Frosh,
    He deserves to pay a fine, to be placed on probation, to look for a job and to stop ‘trading’ with innocent animals or else go to jail.

  6. Put him in a 12×12 cell with 100 other animal abusers and throw them a sandwich once a month! And no water!

  7. Jaime Perez Jaime Perez says:

    I get so sick of hearing these stories. Humans are such a waste of oxygen. The poor animals don’t stand a chance

  8. Agree all comments torture this bastard

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