Stop Causing Horses Pain to Create Unnatural Stepping Gait

Target: Paul Ryan, United States House Speaker

Goal: Close all remaining loopholes that allow the inhumane ‘soring’ of horses’ hooves and legs.

Certain breeds of show horses are intentionally subjected to a cruel and painful practice known as ‘soring’, in which pressure or chemicals are used to alter a horse’s gait. While most forms of soring have been banned for over four decades, the practice still continues thanks to a number of legal loopholes. A new bill, however, seeks to close these loopholes completely and end the failed system of industry inspections that have enabled soring to continue.

Many methods of soring, including the use of caustic oil or diesel to burn horses’ legs, have been used on Tennessee Walking Horses in particular to create a high-stepping, unnatural gait known as the ‘big lick.’ While technically illegal, this torturous practice combined with pain-inflicting shoes and other devices continue to be used due to a lack of enforcement and a reliance on self-reporting of violations within the show horse industry. If this new bill becomes law, all remaining legal loopholes will be closed, along with adding more severe penalties for offenders.

No horse should be subjected to pain and suffering simply for the amusement of human handlers and equine enthusiasts. Sign this petition and demand that Congress pass these necessary protections for all horses.


Dear Speaker Ryan,

The inhumane practice of soring continues in the United States in spite of existing protections intended to prohibit the most commonly used forms, such as the use of chemicals or pressure to alter a horse’s gait. It has been over four decades since the Horse Protection Act was passed, yet breeds like the Tennessee Walking Horse are still subjected to cruel and painful soring before entering the show ring.

The main reason soring continues is because enforcement has relied mainly on reporting by inspectors within the show horse industry. Additionally, not all methods or devices used in soring have been banned in all instances. The proposed Prevent All Soring Tactics Act would end these and all other loopholes that are currently being exploited.

Soring is a cruel and unnecessary practice that must be brought to an end. That is why we urge you to support this act as part of the newly proposed Farm Bill.


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Photo Credit: Todd Behre/United States Department of Agriculture

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  1. Derinda Nilsson says:

    It’s beyond time to stop this disgusting, barbaric crap. This is not the way we should be treating these beautiful horses. It’s not natural for these horses to be walking. They are beautiful and graceful as they prance naturally. STOP !!!!

  2. lynn woods says:

    this horrible practice has to stop to do this just because these ignorant a..holes think it looks good they have no consideration for the poor horse and the pain it goes through stop the torture now you ignorant so called humans

  3. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    STOP is right! Enough with the infliction of pain on innocent animals, for the approval of humans! DISGUSTING!!!!

  4. What unstable person started this in the first place? Why has it not been stopped a long, long time ago? Cruelty! Abusive! Barbaric! Sick!

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