Applaud Ban on High-Tech Hunting Equipment

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Target: Glenn Normandeau, Executive Director New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission

Goal: Support ban on high-tech hunting equipment.

The use of unmanned aerial vehicles, smart rifles and live-action game cameras for wildlife hunting is now banned throughout New Hampshire. The use of such high-tech equipment for hunting puts wildlife at an inappropriate and unnecessary disadvantage. Applaud the New Hampshire Fish and Game Commission and its decision to ban such high-powered equipment for hunting purposes.

Smart rifles offer a level of accuracy to shooters that has led many to consider the guns unfit for public sale. Such rifles feature highly sophisticated sights and don’t shoot until the target is properly lined up, regardless of when the trigger is pulled. Some are also capable of hitting targets moving as fast as 30 miles per hour and at a distance of 1,800 yards, and can be connected to an iPad via Wi-Fi, uploading each shot in a live stream. Such a high-tech killing machine has no ethical application for hunting.

Unmanned aerial vehicles—known as drones—are used to spot and track wild game, making it easier for hunters to find wildlife and keep it in their sights. While the use of drones in hunting is not yet very popular, many—including hunting institutes—fear that it will become more widespread as the technology becomes cheaper and more prevalent. According to Eric Nuse of Orion, the Hunter’s Institute, such technology would undermine fair-chase hunting, an argument echoed by both hunters’ associations and conservationists alike.

Remote live-action cameras can be attached to drones to allow hunters an unprecedented view of their prey. They can also be attached to guns or clothing, allowing the hunter to capture every second of “sport” and replay the action later or post videos online.

The debate over whether hunting is a sport will rage on, but even hunters agree that the use of such unnecessarily high-tech hunting equipment removes any chance of “fair-chase” hunting. New Hampshire is not the only state to place bans on such technology for hunting, but it has instituted one of the most inclusive bans, making the state a role model for the future of hunting laws in a technologically advanced age.

Applaud New Hampshire’s ban and support the legislation of future states against high-tech hunting by signing the petition below.


Dear Mr. Normandeau,

New Hampshire is not the first state to ban the use of inappropriately sophisticated hunting technology, but it is making a big gesture against the growing use of advanced hunting technology before such equipment has the chance to become prevalent. The use of such technology for hunting is both unnecessary and unethical, stacking the odds far too heavily against wildlife.

The technology currently in wide circulation among hunters is more than sophisticated enough, and hunting has always favored the hunter. The high-powered rifles and increasingly accurate sights, the infrared goggles and the camouflage clothing are plenty effective for catching and killing live targets.

I support New Hampshire’s ban on unnecessarily high-tech hunting equipment.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Maslowski Steve, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service via WikiMedia Commons

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  1. Valerie Nordberg says:

    Of course hunting is stacked heavily against wildlife-as long as hunters use guns and the hunted do not.

  2. Stan Benton says:

    It’s bad enough that “hunters” call their murder a “sport” in the first place. A “sport” is some type of competition where all contestants agree to participate, and to follow a certain set of rules (not that all actually abide by these rules). But this high tech equipment makes it even more absurd to call these murders a “sport”. One would think that these so-called “hunters” would sneak home with their tails between their legs. But it might be good to set up a fenced in “preserve” where these idiots could “hunt” each other with their high tech toys.

    • Right you are Stan!!!!! These murderers should shoot each other, that would help a lot of wonderful animals ….and even sometimes humans.

  3. Hunting should be ban for good !!!!!

  4. Talk about unsportsmanlike conduct and total incompetence! If a “hunter” is so good at his sport, he shouldn’t need high tech gadgets to give him or her such an unfair advantage over the poor animal being “hunted.” Obviously their skills are so bad that they need to enhance them unfairly by using equipment that totally negates the so called thrill of the sport. Using high tech equipment is the same as putting the animal in a fenced in yard so there is no way they can escape-canned hunting is definitely not a sport!!!! But then it is rare when humans give animals a fair chance at survival—nothing new!

  5. Lisbeth Alvarado Sanchez says:

    Hunting should be banned forever.

  6. thats would be good on child molesters and rapist

  7. Janice Meyer says:

    Anybody who uses equipment to ensure they will kill a wild animal is bat shit crazy. This kind of action makes them a bigger coward than they already were. I wish the animalds could have the same privilege of shooting these jerks.

  8. Janice Meyer says:

    These hunting expeditions are set up so the shooters have to go home with a trophy. Aren’t they big men…macho aren’t they. Dirt bags are what they are.

  9. All hunting should be banned. Cowards with guns taking animal lives because they can. Absolute bastards

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