Stop Man from Brutally Murdering Animal for “Art”

Innocent Animal that May be Killed in the "Name of Art"

Target: Claude Baland, Director-General of French Police Force

Goal: Severely penalize man for extreme animal cruelty and place captive animal in reputable facility.

A frightened rat is running around in a box with a gun aimed in its direction, because a controversial German artist is trying to make people aware that detrimental airstrikes are currently taking place. If something is not done immediately, this innocent animal will soon be dead.

Florian Mehnert wants to make a loud and clear point that humans can die at anytime while in harm’s way of drone strikes, just like the rat can die at anytime someone decides it is OK for him to pull the trigger. In reference, he has announced over the Internet that anyone will be given the opportunity to choose when the trigger will be pulled starting on March 24, 2015.

Mehnert has the audacity to call such severe animal cruelty an “art project.” Yet, to many people in the art world and otherwise he is nothing more than a shameless fraud, a callous coward and a cold-blooded killer. While he claims his intentions are to raise awareness over these airstrikes, his gesture should clearly be seen as a sick, twisted and heartless ploy.

Sign this petition and demand authorities forbid him from committing this heinous act and that he further be required to turn over this innocent creature to a reputable animal facility at once. No animal ever deserves to be harmed for the purpose of making a political point.


Dear Director Baland,

As you are reading this letter, there is an innocent animal being tortured because a human being has taken it upon himself to play God in order to make a political point pertaining to the dangers of airstrikes. If this man is not quickly stopped, the animal will soon be dead, as there is a gun pointed directly in its direction.

The trigger of the gun can and will be pulled to kill this rat either on or after March 24, 2015. Doing so only depends on when some other unknown heartless individual tells Mehnert exactly when to blast the innocent animal to pieces.

While it is terrible that people are being killed in airstrikes, killing this animal will not stop such activities from happening. In fact, trying to get peoples’ attention by sticking a gun to an animal’s head will likely not get the attention of ethical people who are concerned about this type of human indecency. Rather, doing so is much more likely to get the attention of people who are either genuinely mentally ill–which should in no way be condoned–or of people who are so hateful they don’t care much about human suffering, let alone animal cruelty.

Furthermore, although some people may not see a point in saving this animal because rats are rodents, doing this to any animal is a serious and grotesque form of animal abuse. In addition, who is to say that a cat or dog won’t be next if he is not stopped now?

For all of these reasons I urge you to severely penalize this man for his inhumane actions and to quickly rescue this animal for the purpose of placing it in a proper home. No animal deserves to suffer or die at the hands of a subhuman individual.


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Photo Credit: Audra via Flickr

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  1. Humans are not God, and we have no right to try and play
    God (actually in this case, it would be playing Devil),
    but then, that’s what went wrong in the first place
    (Garden of Eden, or symbolically)…when humans thought
    they knew better than God, and could take Life into their
    own hands, only to destroy and make a mess of the sacred
    precious Life our Creator gave to each one of us? Life is
    a gift, and we should be caretakers of that gift, not im-
    mature and miscreant destroyers of that gift….

  2. That worthless piece of human shit doesn’t deserve to live. He needs to be found and killed for art and call it: the dead artist.

  3. Michael Lynn says:

    May your “art project” be turned upon your own head, Florian Mehnert, you despicable man.

  4. Olga Liara says:

    If he really wants to make a point why doesn’t he put himself into this box? If someone finally decides to pull the trigger how would he feel? If you are trying to aware the others for something, you don’t make someone else do the job for you! This is not “making a political point”, this is hypocrisy!

  5. Ellis Toscano says:

    Mehnert is a clown who will bring back the Nazi image to all Germans. The world does not need nor want his art. The damage to the Germans is going to be huge.

  6. He is nothing but despicable filth, using this to call attention to himself! He should use his any skills to improve things!

  7. Pena maxima para ese asesino

  8. susan carovigno says:

    What a PATHETIC WASTE of SPACE that he has to do something like this to gain recognition!

  9. RAT IS SAFE!!

    According to this article, he never intended to kill the rat and his project is over:


  10. Well if he’s listening to the public and doing what they say…….let’s try this on for size……MEANERT oh excuse me Mehnert…..take the gun and stick it in tour mouth making sure to point toward the brain……and PLEASE DO THE WORLD A FAVOR AND BLOW YOUR OWN BRAINS OUT…..anyone sick enough to come up with this garbage and have the audacity to label it ART?????….I’m an artist and you are a sick, twisted psychopath!

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