Stop Alleged Inhumane, Illegal Experiments on Lab Animals

Target: Ruth Watkins, University of Utah President

Goal: Ensure that the University of Utah ends inhumane animal experiments.

The death of a 2-month-old lamb allegedly occurred as a result of unethical testing from experimenter Kurt Albertine. This case involved a pulmonary function test­— however, the test was never approved by the university’s animal use oversight committee. Reportedly, not only did Albertine not have authority to perform the procedure, he also did not have permission to use the drug methacholine, which is believed to have caused the lamb’s death. According to PETA “A subsequent internal investigation by the university revealed that at least 20 other lambs had been forced to undergo this unapproved experimental procedure.”

The University of Utah has been under fire before for their alleged violations of approved written research protocol. There have been reports of a monkey being severely burned before a procedure, a kitten dying of dehydration, failing to provide sufficient pain relief to their animals, and multiple other horrific accounts. The university apparently continues to break these rules despite being warned several times by the USDA. The faculty and staff of the University of Utah need to take responsibility for their actions. Sign below to demand justice for the animals killed and harmed at the University of Utah.


Dear President Watkins,

There have been several reports of unethical animal experiments performed in the labs at your school. A recent one involved the case of a 2-month-old baby lamb allegedly forced to undergo an unapproved procedure that resulted in its death. This is not the only case, there have reportedly been at least 20 other lambs used during this unapproved experimental procedure.

This is only one of many incidents that have apparently occurred at your university. There have been accounts of a monkey being severely burned before a procedure, a kitten dying of dehydration, failing to provide sufficient pain relief to animals, a monkey getting his brain operated on without proper anesthesia, and the list goes on. It seems that your university continues to break rules, despite being warned by the USDA.

Your university needs to take responsibility for these actions. These horrendous accounts of alleged animal cruelty must come to an end. We demand that action is taken to ensure the ethical treatment of animals used in your labs.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Linda van Klaveren

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  2. What is wrong with this world? This is unacceptable.

  3. Karen Mckay says:

    Albertine I hope die a miserable painful death you scum.

  4. Stephanie Geyser says:

    What exactly do these “experiments” prove? Nothing? Then what justification does this so-called “university” have to do them? Just to get funding? I wonder what your funding donors would say if they found out?

  5. This is all very disturbing. Ruth Watkins has a lot to answer for- not least her presumably healthy salary at the expense of the welfare and the deaths of sentient creatures. D your donors know how their money is being wasted? These experiments have all been done before-why are you repeating them? Animal experimentation is very yesterday as they do not work and science is more advanced and successful. So to deduce, it’s all about money! You are a disgrace to the human race! Greed, cruelty and appalling waste of money. You, and other state unis are a disgrace to your country. When you are spending your ill gotten gains think- think how many innocent lives you have ruined or wasted.

  6. Jaime Perez Jaime Perez says:

    This is horrible and gruesome and needs to be stopped. It’s all a money thing. Greedy, no good monsters. Experiment on each other!

  7. These GD ghouls calling themselves researchers have got to be stopped in their tracks. All animals suffer greatly through lab experimentation, but farm animals are the least considered. They are the most forgotten. This bastard needs to be punished.

  8. Ruth – The University of Utah needs to stop experimenting on animals, and you as President of this University must make this happen. Animals are suffering needlessly and it needs to stop…now! Please!

  9. Agree all comments test on the animal abusers.

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