Punish PetSmart Store for Alleged Animal Cruelty

Target: Glenn R. Funk, District Attorney General of Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County

Goal: Punish PetSmart employees allegedly responsible for horrific neglect and abuse.

Authorities in Bellevue, Tennessee, swooped into a local PetSmart store to rescue hamsters, mice, and guinea pigs from allegedly wanton neglect. Metro Animal Care and Control responded to a video and photos apparently received from a PetSmart employee that showed “what appeared to be inadequate care for injured animals.” PETA was the original recipient of the footage and passed it along to authorities, alleging that the poor creatures “were being left to endure slow, miserable deaths.”

A total of six injured or sick animals were confiscated from the store, and all were taken to a local veterinarian for assessment and treatment. Reports indicate that one guinea pig was dehydrated with an abscessed wound on its back and another guinea pig had an abscessed knee joint, spreading infection throughout his brain and heart. The video footage also allegedly shows a mouse suffering from inflamed eyes and a respiratory infection. This mouse is said to have died.

There have been no arrests made pertaining to this atrocity. PetSmart is investigating the allegations, stating they in no way condone such business practices. Sign the petition to demand that the PetSmart employees who allegedly denied these suffering animals care be charged to the highest extent of the law.


Dear District Attorney Funk,

A Bellevue PetSmart store was recently raided by Metro Animal Care and Control after video footage and photos were received that depicted what appeared to be extreme animal cruelty and neglect at the business establishment. The person who relinquished the images was reportedly a PetSmart employee. Six animals were taken from the pet store and admitted into a local veterinary hospital for diagnoses and care.

It is shameful to think that a place of business that profits from people and their love of animals would be so callous and disrespectful to living creatures. The video footage reportedly shows gravely-ill animals being denied medical attention and existing in pain. There have been allegations that these PetSmart managers do everything possible to keep costs down in order to increase their likelihood of future bonuses.

Disturbingly, no one has been charged with this disconcerting act of animal cruelty. People who abuse animals are a threat to society, and businesses that operate with such deplorable and inhumane practices must be held accountable and punished. I demand that whoever is responsible for the managerial policy of allegedly denying medical care to these sick and injured animals be arrested and given the maximum sentence allowable.


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Photo Credit: Just chaos

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  1. Nooshin Perla says:

    Such a nasty place to go these days. They do what they do, because they are the only big pet store around. I have saved a lot of birds from this store that they were suffering from being bit, and getting their father pull out. They need to shape up or ship out!!!!


  3. Agree all comments

  4. Animals should NOT be for sale–especially by a cheap store who doesn’t know how to take care of them and doesn’t care.
    There have been many other horrible incidents re animals connected with these kind of hell holes.
    These little animals suffer immense physical and emotional pain, and slow deaths. They are NOT objects to be mistreated. I wouldn’t buy pet “food” from PetSmart, let alone a poor little neglected and abused living creature!
    Our animal laws MUST BE more severe and consistent. We are breeding a society of sociopaths who mistreat innocent living beings and are indifferent. No wonder this country is lowering its rankings in a great many categories–We have little/no concern for the suffering of others.
    Their license to sell ANY animals should be cancelled, and they should be fined a great amount. PetSmart MUST BE CHARGED WITH FELONIOUS ANIMAL CRUELTY!

  5. My daughter worked at a PetSmart for many years in Wisconsin. She was the head of the small animal department. If an animal was ill, she was given permisssion to take it to a vet. I don’t believe that all PetSmarts are abusive to their animals. Please work with those that have allegations of abuse. It may be the employees who make the decisions.

  6. Cynthia Mattera says:

    If this pet smart store cannot provide kindness, a clean environment, and vet care, they should be shut down! These animals are confined and depend on the employees to take care of them!

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