Punish Owners of Abusive, Illegal Slaughterhouse

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Target: Katherine Fernandez Rundle, Miami-Dade State Attorney

Goal: Prosecute the men who allegedly abused and violently slaughtered thousands of animals with the harshest punishment under law.

Miami-Dade police recently arrested two farm owners for allegedly committing abhorring animal cruelty to nearly 9,500 animals. The two men were reportedly operating an illegal slaughterhouse where police rescued nearly 9,500 pigs, goats, chickens and cows living in deplorable conditions, with many animals already dead and partially eaten.

Sadly, around 100 animals were found in such horrific condition they had to be euthanized immediately by rescue veterinarians. The rest of the animals are being transported to various shelters in what some are calling America’s biggest animal rescue mission ever.

Some animals were starving so badly that they began to eat each other. Many animals were found shackled up, starving to death without food, water, or access to fresh air. The animals being kept and slaughtered in such unsanitary conditions caused many of the animals to catch diseases, posing a public health risk because the meat from these animals was being sold to unknowing citizens.

An undercover investigation revealed that the men would allegedly throw around the animals, beat them, tie them up, then hang them and slit their throats in order to kill them. Police said pigs who still showed signs of life were being boiled alive and drowned to death. Luckily these men have been caught, but they need to face the worst possible consequences for their alleged sickening actions. Animal cruelty is a revolting crime that cannot be tolerated. By signing this petition, you will help to demand these abusers face the full penalty under law for their crimes.


Dear Attorney Fernandez Rundle,

Two men were recently arrested by Miami-Dade police when nearly 9,500 animals were rescued from horrifying living conditions on the mens’ farm. These animals were not only living in crowded, unsanitary conditions without adequate food, water, shelter and fresh air, they were being inhumanely slaughtered. These men reportedly violently abused tons of animals, through the direct force of beating them and boiling alive, and through extreme neglect.

Some people are reporting that this is the biggest animal rescue case in the history of the United States. What these men did is so unthinkable, it cannot go unpunished without the worst possible consequences. We have to take a stand for the innocent animals that can’t speak for themselves and who had to face such saddening and unnecessary suffering. I urge you to prosecute these men under the highest possible punishment of the law.


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Photo credit: festivefrog via Flickr

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  1. That does it!No more!We have to start punishing these psycopaths to the fullest extent of the law!This is a true nitemare!

  2. Marina Nemchinova says:

    I have an idea, why not punish these two the same way they treated the animals and I’m taking a direct quote from the article…”Many animals were found shackled up, starving to death without food, water, or access to fresh air.”

    So in all fairness, these two “mothereffers” should be shackled up, starving to death without food, water or access to fresh air.

    Isn’t that justice? An eye for an eye. They can get a taste of their own evil deeds.

  3. Sandi Adams says:

    the names of these butchers are omitted. I wonder if this was a secret halal or kosher slaughter house. The meat could be sold very cheaply. All property, not approved for agriculture, housing or transporting animals should be investigated for ritual slaughter. This is becoming a huge problem with the Islamic culture spreading through Europe and America. All ritual slaughter and sacrifice needs to be illegal in America. We need a petition.

  4. These idiots ARE MENTALLY UNSTABLE PSYCHOPATHS, MERCILESS, HATEFUL & CRUEL individuals — TO STOP THEM, LOCK THEM UP — THEY’RE A DANGER TO US ALL! ARREST THEM & THROW THEM INTO A RUBBER ROOM FOR A VERY LONG TIME — THROW AWAY THE KEY! Thank God the news got out about these sociopaths & their killing AND the Police intervened and rescued as many as possible … my heart breaks for those who suffered and died …

  5. Put these criminals behind bars where they belong~~they are a danger to society and do not need to be running at large. They are mean, hateful, subhuman monsters who don’t even deserve to live. I say slaughter the slaughterers, but treat them like the way they abused these animals beforehand. THIS MUST END!!

  6. Who the F@#K was running this operation? The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Family? This isn’t just about greed and profit …. it’s about SOCIOPATHS who ‘get off’ on torturing and murdering helpless animals. Would any of us want these SICKOS for neighbors ??? They need to be SEVERELY punished for these heinous, unspeakable crimes. I only wish our justice system would allow “an eye for an eye” as the only real justice would be to do the same to these MONSTERS as they did to their helpless, innocent victims !!!!!

  7. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    This world is Hell on Earth for most animals and my heart aches for those in the Animal Kingdom who fall victim to torture and murder at the hands of humans such as these two assholes…

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