Punish Minors Accused of Injecting Dog with Cocaine

Target: Commissioner Richard Ross, Philadelphia Police Department

Goal: Punish the minors who injected a dog with dangerous drugs.

A one-year-old dog named Peanut was found barely moving on a neighborhood sidewalk in Philadelphia after being injected with near-fatal amounts of cocaine. The city’s Animal Care and Control Team were called to the scene, and rescuers were extremely concerned about the canine’s ability to survive. Residents of the area have accused a group of neighborhood kids of forcibly injecting the helpless animal with drugs, as the cruel act reportedly took place outside a home in which drug activity was common.

Peanut was transported to a facility in Delaware and drug tests were performed. She tested positive for cocaine and THC, and the critical care team there were unsure if she would make it through the night. Miraculously, the impaired animal showed signs of improvement by the morning and was able to stand, walk, and consume food and water. Sadly, she continues with tremors that will hopefully subside over time for a full recovery.

This dog endured so much ruthless and needless pain and suffering, but she continued to fight for her life. Fortunately, she has been adopted by a new family and renamed Suzi to mark the beginning of her new and joyous life. Most animals who fall victim to animal cruelty do not live to see their happy ending.

People who abuse animals must be admonished. Particularly disturbing in this case is the fact that minors are said to have committed the crime. If these young people are found to be guilty, it is likely they learned this behavior in their home environment, elevating the risk to society. Give this dog the justice she deserves by signing the petition below to demand that whoever is responsible for this malicious act of animal abuse be punished to the maximum extent of the law.


Dear Police Commissioner Ross,

An innocent dog was injected with drugs and left to die on the streets of a Philadelphia community. Local residents called ACCT, who found the animal hardly able to move and near death. Neighbors have accused a group of minors of this heinous and senseless act of animal cruelty.

The rescued dog was transported to Faithful Friends Animal Society in Delaware, and their care team were unsure if she would survive the trip. Drug testing was performed, and the canine tested positive for cocaine and THC. The incident is said to have occurred outside a home that engages in drug activity.

People who abuse animals are a threat to society and the probability that they will progress to harming fellow human beings is high. It is extremely disturbing to think that the accused young people could be capable of performing such a malicious act. I demand the Philadelphia Police Department keep this case under active investigation to apprehend and harshly sentence whoever is found guilty of this crime in a court of law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Faithful Friends Animal Society

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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:


  2. Derinda Nilsson says:

    Thank God this poor dog will have a new home to go to. Little bastards should really suffer a punishment. What kind of people will they become when they become adults? Better teach them a good lesson.

  3. Deborah Boychuk says:

    The residents are obviously junkies themselves or it never would have happened. They know the neighborhood. No excuses

  4. Where did the little POS get the syringe and the drugs? Why aren’t the police questioning the dog abusers where they obtained the illegal drugs? Are they waiting until it happens again?

  5. Those ‘future’ gangsters should be treated as adults and thrown to rot in jail!

  6. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    If the house is ‘noted’ for drugs and paraphernalia, I sincerely hope and pray that every adult in there is charged to highest amount the Law has. Children getting access to drugs is bad enough, but to syringes etc???
    What next a child kidnapped and injected then left on the sidewalk? These kids also need a lot of counseling and perhaps placed into better homes.

  7. lynn woods says:

    why haven’t the police found these brats and punished them but of course it’s only a dog they say well it could well be a child the next time these little creeps need to be punished I don’t care what neighborhood they come found they’re killers in the making

  8. Cynthia Pisarcik says:

    these bastards and bitches should be put to death for this cruel treatment of this innocent dog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    they do not deserve to live !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Police Commissioner Ross needs to pursue this distressing case of abuse. Find these scumbags and jail them for ten years minimum. That is, after castrating each of them and then injecting them with battery acid.

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