Praise City for Banning Retail Pet Adoption

Target: John Slight, Mayor of Boone, Iowa

Goal: Praise the Boone, Iowa City Council for banning retail adoption.

The city council of Boone, Iowa has imposed a retail adoption ban, prohibiting the adoption of animals from pet stores. Puppy mills are notorious in Iowa, with the state ranking second on a list of most mills across the nation. With the state having more than 250 puppy mills, over 100,000 puppies are shipped out to pet stores across the U.S. each year. These operations are often denounced because they mistreat dogs, leaving them in cages where their teeth and backs are malformed because of the tight space. In addition, overpopulation in shelters is sometimes due to pets coming from stores when families who take them on realize they are not fit to keep a pet.

The retail ban is the third of its kind in the state. Some pet shop owners are concerned because they fear the ban might extend to smaller pets like bunnies and guinea pigs. However, this ban for now only applies to cats and dogs who come from an industry that contributes to overpopulation and animal abuse. Breeding dogs are kept alive, but just barely–enough to reproduce. A much more human alternative is for pet stores to support shelter pet adoption, and help connect potential pet owners with shelters instead of selling from puppy mills. Sign the petition below to thank the city council of Boone for helping crack down on puppy mills and cat overpopulation.


Dear Mr. Slight,

The city of Boone, Iowa recently passed a retail adoption ban in pet stores. This means pet stores can no longer sell cats and dogs from mills, and consequently, customers can no longer adopt them from these establishments. Most dogs in pet stores in Iowa come from puppy mills, where they are kept in cages and left in terrible conditions if not taken to pet stores. Additionally, the adult breeding dogs are kept barely alive, just enough to reproduce, and must suffer life in a kennel.

Since Iowa is the second biggest holder of puppy mills in the country, with more than 250 puppy mills and 100,000 puppies going out to stores every year, this decision is appropriate. This is the third retail ban in the state, following many large cities across the nation. Pet shop owners should feature cats and dogs from shelters, reducing the pet overpopulation problem, and reducing instances of animal cruelty in puppy mills.

We must educate potential pet owners before they make the decision to buy from pet shops. I believe that this retail plan is the first step in the right direction in helping reduce and, in the future, eliminate mills. Thank you for approving the ban and helping protect animal welfare.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: One Green Planet

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  1. Derinda Nilsson says:

    Thank you Iowa! there is still a lot of more work to do. But this is a great start, hopefully other states will follow.

  2. Ravinder Singh says:

    i believe people who have puppy mills are worthless as if they have to earn their living by selling the babies of these innocent animals. even an ant works hard but they live on selling babies of these animals. SHAME AND DISGUSTING

  3. Thank you, Boone!

  4. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    God bless you for standing up for the torment and barbaric cruelty of these animals. Boone Iowa is stepping into the future. Many thanks to the Mayor.


  6. One city at a time. Keep up the momentum until you have all animal breeders and pet sales stopped. I’m sure that you are aware of all the ways those who are involved in animal abuse can, and do, skirt around even the best of laws. Enforcement officers have their work cut out for themselves. Please extend the ban across the board for ALL animals.

  7. Finally, a place with a sensible, long-needed law. I wish all States had it.

  8. Agree should be worldwide

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