Over 150 Animals Reportedly Found Starving in Feces-Filled Squalor Need Justice

Target: Jon Tunheim, Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney, State of Washington

Goal: Charge and fully prosecute farm owners of Thurston County who allegedly abused their animals.

Over 150 animals were reportedly abused in Washington State. Hooved Animal Rescue and Animal Services of Thurston County were called to Tenino, Washington, on what has been reported as one of the worst cases of animal abuse ever seen in the area. A horse, 23 miniature horses, and over 120 other animals including, goats, dogs, cats, pet birds, rabbits, and chickens were reportedly discovered living in filth without adequate food or water. Rescuers reported that some animals were stuck in a mixture of feces and mud without dry-shelter access to escape the harsh elements.

The living quarters in which these animals were reportedly imprisoned were said to be filled with excrement and only scant food crumbles mixed in with mud and feces on the ground of the fetid stalls. Reportedly, water cans were found containing tainted water riddled with algae. There were accounts of a deceased dog and a decaying horse carcass by witnesses to the scene.

The suffering animals were removed from the premises by Hooved Animal Rescue to a secure location where they will begin the long road to recovery. All of the miniature horses were reportedly found with severely outgrown hooves, and x-rays will be required to see the extent of the damage. Examinations allegedly revealed many cases of a skin infection called rain rot that is caused by bacteria, and further statements supposedly illustrated accounts of lice and severe dental problems that must be addressed for proper recuperation.

People who abuse animals should be punished and denied the right of owning living things. If such owners are charged with animal cruelty and found guilty after due process of law, there should be maximum punishment and the right of animal ownership must be rescinded. Send a strong message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated in our society by signing the petition to fully punish the person or party responsible for this deplorable act.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Tunheim,

A backyard farm in Tenino, Washington, was reportedly the scene of a horrendous display of cruelty to over 150 animals. According to statements, the conditions were the worst that the Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County had ever seen. Rescuers reported coming to the aid of many different creatures including a horse, 23 miniature horses, dogs, cats, pet birds, rabbits, chickens, and goats.

The animals have been removed from the property. Physical examination reportedly revealed bug infestation, malnutrition, exposure, and dehydration. The extreme lack of mobility further added to the challenges these disadvantaged creatures faced, and, horrifically, all of the miniature horses had severely overgrown hooves.

Many animals were allegedly restricted to filthy stalls without access to food, water, shelter, or exercise. According to rescue workers, neglect has taken a toll on the health of these helpless and unfortunate creatures. Fortunately, someone reported this atrocity, and these sentient beings can begin the difficult and costly journey to regain their inherent right to health.

I shudder to think of how dismal life was for these defenseless beings. They were incapable of taking care of themselves and reliant on humans. Any person who could be so negligent and disrespectful to animals should be considered a threat to all living beings. I insist that whoever is responsible for this malicious act of cruelty be punished to the maximum extent and denied the right of future animal ownership.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County

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  1. Linda Barnett says:

    SHOCKING! Surely somebody must have been aware of this despicable cruelty being inflicted on these innocent and vulnerable animals. Whoever is responsible for subjecting these creatures to such appalling and unacceptable abuse must be SEVERELY punished and banned for life from owning or having anything to do with ANY LIVING CREATURE. There must be justice and SEVERE PUNISHMENT awarded to this vile person or party. They are an absolute disgrace to mankind and must be prosecuted and sentenced for a very, very long time. Such disgusting cruelty is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. The sooner we rid this world of such wicked excuses for human beings, the better! I hope and pray that the innocent survivors from this appalling ordeal will all make speedy recoveries to live safe and happy lives.

  2. It is time for legislation to be passed so that criminals are punished with a more severe sentence than the proverbial slap on the wrist. Any situation where animals are neglected/abused and kept for profit should be SHUT DOWN and owners put in jail after paying a fine. The punishment should publicized on the news to give the public an insentive to do the right thing…

    • There should be some sort of animal abuse register. Plus their names should be made public for all to see who these low lifes are.
      Maybe if more of the scumbags are in the publics eye they will think twice about committing such heinous acts.

  3. Mary Harrington says:

    You did not list the name of these criminals. Why? don’t you think we desire to know who this petition is against?

  4. Long jail time for these jerks & fed just bread & water. Hefty fines for these jerks!

  5. There are laws to protect these animals at out mercy, why aren’t they enforced to the max? We need to make scum accountable for the suffering the inflict.

  6. Why are mother-fuc.ers like this allowed to live on this planet. The only reason most of them are still alive is because it’s against the law to kill them. Otherwise, I think a lot of animal lovers would hunt these bastards down and kill them, and do it slowly so they could really suffer for the consequences of their evil actions. They couldn’t give a rat’s ass less about the suffering and death of these wonderful so, personally, I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about how much they suffered before they left this planet. And the sooner, the better, would suit me just fine.

    • Nothing to add ,totally agree: hope some people are brave enough to torture them before dumping their scum arses somewhere remote where only bones will be found


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