Ban Online Gamer Who Publicly Admitted to Killing a Dog

Target: Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

Goal: Ban gamer who admitted to animal cruelty on Twitch.

During a live-streamed interview, a popular online gamer admitted to intentionally killing a dog while working as a veterinary technician.

The online gamer known as “Aqua” is very popular on Twitch, a platform owned by Amazon. On this platform, people can make money by broadcasting themselves playing video games. This user in question, however, has a non-digital life in which she is known as Simone Scott, a former veterinary technician. Scott made the troubling revelation about killing a dog intentionally while she was being interviewed on Twitch.

The interviewer, Rajj Patel, lightheartedly asked Scott during the interview what the worst thing she had ever done was. Scott admitted that she had “once killed someone’s dog on purpose” while she was working as a veterinary technician. She did not provide details regarding her place of employment at the time of the incident. Patel asked for clarification about the incident and Scott continued, “Yeah, but no one knew because, you know, I’m a professional.” Patel tried to turn the conversation by saying, “Oh my god, oh no, oh my god! That’s really bad. I’m going to pretend like you didn’t say that.” He also pushed Scott to say whether or not it was, in fact, accidental. Scott replied dryly, “It was an accident.” This, however, contradicts her initial story where she clearly states she killed the dog on purpose.

After her Scott’s exchange with Patel, another gamer expressed concern about the admission. Scott proceeded to suggest that the owner of the dog deserved it saying: “It was a really bad person, so…”

Since the interview, Scott has made no comment about her admission. Meanwhile, there has been incredible backlash from the public. Patel made a statement on Twitter about the incident, saying that animal abuse is “completely unacceptable and morally reprehensible.” He also stated that Scott would not be allowed to participate in his future interviews. Sign this petition to urge Jeff Bezos, CEO of Twitch’s parent company Amazon, to ban Scott from the Twitch platform.


Dear Mr. Bezos,

A popular gamer on the Twitch platform, which is owned by Amazon, made a public admission that she killed someone’s dog “on purpose” while she was working as a veterinary technician. Simone Scott, also known online as “Aqua,” made this shocking revelation while being interviewed by Rajj Patel. She continuously stuck with her story even after Patel and other gamers responded negatively, going so far as to suggest that the person deserved that their dog be killed because they were “a really bad person.”

This type of behavior is cruel and unusual. Furthermore, it should not be given a stage to be discussed in the public eye without any remorse or repercussion. I urge you to ban Scott from the Twitch platform.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Skitterphoto

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  1. Derinda Nilsson says:

    Ban this monster from everything!!! Shame on you.

  2. She should be killed by a lethal injection for being such a evil useless piece of shit!

  3. Carey Sutton says:

    Just kill this bitch!!!! That dog is worth more than a thousand of her!!! My heart breaks for this poor dog.

  4. Death wish for this vile bitch when least expected! An eye for an eye.

  5. lynn woods says:

    why isn’t this bitch in jail never mind being with amazon what the hell is wrong with these people to allow her on there put this bitch away then kill her

  6. All personal media must be scrutinized by the companies that run such services. When things go viral, such as this story, there will be others who will understand that it’s okay for them to commit similar, or copycat, crimes as well. Convict this perpetrator, and fine the media company. Perhaps this will send a clear message to those who do harm and those who condone it.

  7. Margaret Melnick says:

    Why is no one checking the background and find out where she worked. She should be charged and the owner of the dog should be notified.

  8. The only way to stop this sickos is: 1-Do the exact same thing to them; 2- If the animal survive is injuries, the human beast who had done that should always be killed after getting the same. Should be in public place like in old times. Death penalty needs to come back as soon as possible for many crimes srating by the ones hurting and making 4 paws suffer as they are sickos, also pedophiles, rappists, sociopaths a new kind, drug dealers which the ones who selel alcohol to people they know are alcoholics, are no different. Kill them all for yesterday.
    Put this in his right placeA COFFIN.

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