Shut Down Puppy Mill Accused of Freezing Dogs to Death

Target: Lonny Cluck, City Manager of Canton, Texas

Goal: Shut down puppy mill where a dozen dead dogs were allegedly found in the freezer.

The corpses of twelve dogs, individually wrapped in plastic, were reportedly found stuffed in a freezer at a Texas puppy mill. The mill itself was allegedly in deplorable condition, most notably smothered in waste with the surviving dogs crammed into urine-soaked crates with no food or water. Reports state that the mill intended to sell these dogs for a profit; thankfully, the survivors were rescued.

This appears to be another tragic example of why puppy mills should not exist. The cause of death for the unfortunate dogs has yet to be made public, but it was most likely starvation or diseases due to the conditions of the facilities. Worse, it is unclear as to whether the mill was properly licensed to be running and selling the animals. It is a miracle that any dogs managed to survive this nightmare at all, much less the dozens that were rescued.

We cannot allow more tragedies like this to befall innocent dogs. It may be too late for these twelve, but we can protect other dogs from being brought into such conditions. Sign this petition to demand this mill be shut down immediately.


Dear Mr. Cluck,

A dozen dogs were reportedly found dead in the freezer of a Canton County puppy mill, the conditions of which appear to have been unfit for any living creature. The facilities were allegedly smothered in waste, with many surviving dogs crammed into urine-soaked crates; these dogs were fortunately taken into custody and brought to a local animal rescue center. The mill allegedly intended to sell the dogs for a profit, despite possibly lacking a license to do so or to even be running such a facility.

Too many dogs have suffered and even died at the hands of puppy mills. These mills care less about the safety, health, and well-being of the animals and more about making a profit. They treat innocent living creatures like objects. This mill may not even be running legally, making the tragedy even worse. You must have it shut down immediately so that no more dogs can suffer at their hands. The lives of animals are too valuable to risk for the sake of monetary gain.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Petra Martin

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  1. Great…ANOTHER cruelty out of the redneck Ya-Hoo state. I have an idea — have these abusive animal mill buggers stand in for all the other animals exploited and hurt at RODEOS. Maybe at least SOME of these subhumans might then learn what compassion is all about. Win-win.

  2. Derinda Nilsson says:

    Until these greedy sick selfish asses get harsher punishments this will continue to be a huge problem. Bigger fines, community service would help, not to mention time in prison. I pray for these poor sweet animals who never ask to be born just to suffer. When in hell is it ever going to end.

  3. Sue Kaylan davies says:

    Hi there I run a radio show giving a voice for the voiceless would love to cover this on one of my shows and promote your petition email

  4. Jaime Perez Jaime Perez says:

    Puppy mills are hell holes on Earth for the dogs unfortunate enough to be forced to live in them. Owners of these places need to be stuffed into the cages they put the helpless dogs in!

  5. Daniel Byman says:

    If there aren’t enough unwanted neglected abused animals in the world.
    Please stop the breeding, there should be a moritorium on ALL breeding until animals are not abused neglected and discarded at shelters. Please stop the breeding! Why breed more animals when 5 to 6 million are killed in shelter most abandoned before thier second year of life! What is wrong with these idiots who keep breeding animals?? If you love animals help by asking for strong animal rights laws and spay and NUETER enforcment. Stop the insanity stop breeding innocent feeling creatures to be KILLED!

    • Yes shut down all pet breeding nothing but suffering for the innocent living feeling creatures! Greed and living creatures is torture for the living creatures

  6. Mr Clark,

    Piddly fines and prison sentences don’t work. Take the money they made and donate it to other dogs, since they killed the innocent ones. Put them in prison and if they get out, put in your sentence if they start another mill, they will go Straight back to Redo the sentence all over again. Straighten out the laws.

  7. Agree all comments stuff these c**ts in freezer

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