Man Who Filmed Himself Throwing Terrified Cat Off Cliff Must be Punished

Target: Russell Suzuki, Acting Attorney General of Hawaii

Goal: Aid Humane Society in punishing man who videotaped himself throwing a cat off a ledge.

The Hawaiian Humane Society is in hot pursuit of the man who reportedly videotaped himself throwing a cat from a ledge. The footage popped up on social media, sparking outcry among viewers and animal welfare groups alike as they watched an innocent animal be thrown possibly to his or her death, while laughter could be heard in the background. So far, there is no word on whether the cat survived that stunt. The video has since been pulled from social media.

The fact that a person would potentially kill an innocent cat for cheap laughs and social media views is absolutely abhorrent. There is no known reason for the man’s alleged behavior beyond such assumptions, as people harming animals for social media publicity has been a sadly common trend in the past several years. To these people, animals are mere objects to be used and abused however they please, rather than living creatures whose safety and welfare matter as much as any human being’s. Even social media sites banning the posting of videos or photos involving animal cruelty has not put a stop to this trend.

The culprit remains at large and unidentified, and we must support every endeavor in finding and bringing him to justice. Sign this petition to ensure that this alleged cat-thrower faces the consequences of these horrific actions.


Dear Attorney General Chin,

Video footage of a man throwing a cat from a ledge has sparked outcry from the public, even after the video was pulled from social media. The Humane Society is currently in hot pursuit of this man, even offering big cash rewards to anyone with tips on how or where to apprehend him. The man’s identity is currently unknown, as is the fate of the poor cat.

You must do everything possible to aid in the capture of this man. He has reportedly committed a vile sin against an innocent animal, taking part in one of the most disturbing trends of animal cruelty within the past few years. Regardless of the cat’s fate, he or she did not deserve to be treated in such a way, and the culprit must face justice for his actions. Ensure that this man is apprehended, brought to trial immediately, and found guilty of animal abuse.


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Photo Credit: Ben Kerckx

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  1. Dwayne Denton says:

    Put him off a cliff also and be done with him before he kill something or someone else!

    • The same to him, but make sure he is dead. Also to anyone doing bad to animals should get the same but make sure they are dead even if the animal survived.This beast like others needs to be erased from Earth, this are worms, torture and killed them.

  2. Cynthia Mattera says:

    I have an idea…..dangle this horrible man from the cliff and let him sweat it out. Maybe the rope will break. He deserves to rot in hell. I pray the poor cat survived!!!

  3. I there is any justice in this world, I pray this guy goes to prison for this. Humans can be the most inhumane species on earth.

  4. Daria Fedyshyn says:

    Let me at this rancid piece of shit! This is not a human, he’s a really low sub-species. My sister Karma has plans for this disgusting slug…I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes…prick!

  5. Karen Tipping says:

    The sentient voiceless deserve justice. I would happily push the piece of shit responsible off a cliff as the most appropriate punishment and yes he’d probably die but the world would be a better place.

    #Karma will whoop his sorry arse sooner or later. I hope he dies in agony.

  6. DEMON–throw this evil psychopath in jail–cheap laughs and kill thrill—POLICE YOU CAN FIND THE LOW LIFE SCUM WHO DID THIS TERRIBLE THING TO AN INNOCENT FRIGHTFUL CAT.

  7. a real man would not do this.

  8. Clare Neille says:

    I prefer not to use really bad language but people like tbis make me forget it. With all my heart i wish that the next time this SOB goes near a cliff he falls off and someone is there to film it. There is a special place in hell for ignorant cowards like this and i hope his life is filled with horrible things he is unable to defend himself against just like the poor defenseless kitten was unable to defend its self.

  9. Strongly agree with all comments .this creep needs rooting out and his pathetic cronies!

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