Cancel T.V. Show That Promotes Killing Vulnerable Shark Species

Mako Shark

Target: Mark Lazarus, Chairman of NBC Sports Group

Goal: End T.V. program promoting the killing of vulnerable shark species

Sharks are an important part of oceanic ecosystems. They are the kings of the food chain and maintain balance in the oceans. Sadly, sharks don’t get much positive attention and most T.V. shows demonize sharks or promote the hunting of these fascinating creatures. But without sharks, the world’s oceans are in grave danger, so we must stop encouraging the slaughter of these great fish.

The NBC T.V. show “Shark Hunters” promotes the killing of three main shark species, mako, thresher, and porbeagle. All three of these species are on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s “Vulnerable Species” list. NBC should not be supporting the killing of these creatures which are crucial to maintaining the balance of the oceans.

As the top of the food chain, sharks keep prey populations in check. They also keep prey species strong and healthy by consuming the weak and sick. This prohibits the spread of diseases and encourages reproduction of only the most fit creatures. Sharks also support healthy coral reefs and maintain vital sea grass by intimidating their prey and preventing overgrazing. But when shark populations are eliminated ocean health declines and commercial fishing of shellfish as well as popular fish like tuna noticeably suffer.

Sharks play a crucial role in the oceans. They help promote the health and stability of other species, protect coral reefs and sea grass beds, and ensure healthy outputs for commercial fishing. NBC should not be promoting the hunting of these fish, especially not those which are already labeled as vulnerable. Shark populations are declining quickly and we must act now to prevent further species loss. Tell NBC to put an end to the T.V. program “Shark Hunters.”


Dear Mr. Lazarus,

The world’s oceans depend on the existence of sharks for balance and longevity. The T.V. show “Shark Hunters,” which promotes the killing of sharks, counteracts the natural balance of the oceans. Sharks help maintain healthy coral reefs, protect sea grass beds from being overgrazed, and keep prey species strong and vital by eliminating the sick and weak. Sharks are a crucial part of our oceans, and I do not support the hunting of these great fish.

Throughout the world’s oceans, shark populations are declining. “Shark Hunters” promotes the killing of three shark species whose populations are vulnerable. Continuing a T.V. show that supports the killing of these important creatures is illogical and amoral. I do not support the killing of sharks, and I do not support “Shark Hunters.” I urge you to discontinue this series.


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Photo Credit: Mark Conlin via Wikipedia

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  1. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Experts estimate that 73 million sharks are killed each year just for their fins alone (that number is so astronomical one can’t even visualize it). You can probably add a few more million to account for the sharks that are killed for other reasons, including those who get trapped or tangled in nets and drown. It amazes me that there are any sharks left in the oceans to kill. It is just a matter of time before Man succeeds at obliterating the entire Animal Kingdom…

  2. Sam Outhorn says:

    Dreadful people!

  3. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    If I want to watch under-educated morons kill helpless water creatures who are just trying to mind their own business, I’ll turn to “Swamp People” or some other yee-haw show. Why does an institution like NBC need to cater to the lowest common denominator?

  4. jaclyn bisanz says:

    I always wondered why they would make a TV show out of such a disastrous situation. Whenever that show comes on the TV, I immediately change it. Just an egotist way for men to show of them being manly.

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