Stop Cruel Primate Testing and Experiments


Target: U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid

Goal: Ban the horrific methods used to test chimpanzees and other primates

Because chimpanzees are 99% genetically compatible to humans, scientists in the United States use them as experiments in traumatic and extremely invasive tests. Many of the chimps are mistreated physically and psychologically in order to compare their reactions to ours, but the majority of tested primates end up traumatized, debilitated, or dead. Do not allow brutal lab tests to continue against innocent chimps in America.

Since scientists are not allowed to perform experiments on living human brains, they capture primates in the wild and conduct invasive procedures on their brains. By cutting open the skull and applying electric currents to different parts of the brain, scientists have induced various physical reactions and emotional responses from primates. Unnecessary brain surgery on chimps is equivalent to animal cruelty and must be stopped immediately.

Many captured primates find themselves imprisoned in cramped metal cages and injected with a lethal disease. Scientists later inject possible vaccines into the primates to discover which vaccines are successful in staving off the disease. Over 90% of the vaccines fail.

Scientists also conduct maternal and love deprivation experiments on chimps to test their psychological responses. Baby chimps born in the lab are permanently separated from their mothers and deprived of physical contact. Most of the chimps in these experiments become emotionally traumatized or even suicidal.

By signing the petition below you will help urge U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to create a law banning cruel experiments on chimps and other primates.


Dear U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid,

Morally reprehensible physical and psychological experiments continue to be conducted on chimpanzees and other primates in our country. Unnecessary invasive brain surgery and maternal deprivation experiments severely traumatize primates both physically and mentally. Put a stop to these brutal experiments that hold little to no scientific value.

How can you justify taking a baby chimp away from its mother’s arms? Why continue drilling into their skulls or injecting them with deadly diseases? What gives us the right to torture chimps in order to learn more about ourselves?

These experiments only prove our own inhumanity, and by allowing them to continue, we are silently condoning these horrendous actions. As a society, we refuse to allow these experiments to be conducted on ourselves. Now, we need to stand together and put an end to these horrendous experiments on our chimps and other primates.


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Photo credit: “Amcaja” via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Cecily Colloby. says:

    Test on the testers themselves and see how they like it. They ENJOY inflicting pain and this is why they do it-no other reason….

    • The only way to LEARN. GO THROUGH THE EXPERIENCE YOURSELF. Otherwise it is 100% psychotic “practicing” – these “reserachers” must STAY AWAY FROM ANIMALS, OUR CHILDREN AND OUR SOCIETY.

  2. I recall back in 1971 the same exact experiment was being performed. You mean that they haven’t discovered a solution yet. My psycology professor explained the identical set of facts and primate’s reaction. I can reply to the question without any experiment, sentient animals do not respond well to being without a mother and develop anxiety issues throughout life. Now you can terminate the experiment. Oh the experimenters might lose money which is their motivation cuz any dimwit can figure that one out without tormenting precious critters.

  3. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Most of the animal testing being done today is so unnecessary. Enough is enough folks. These animals have certainly paid their dues. Leave the God Damn Animal Kingdom alone already!

  4. Sam Outhorn says:

    Such DESPICABLE MONSTERS have no place in universities etc. – and I do not mean the chimps, since they probably have more intelligence anyway. IGNORANT and DESPICABLE!

  5. Rita Grahn says:

    Why don’t you rather experiment on sub-humans in jails, like pedophiles and murderers? At least they have the chance to say “No” – you don’t offer that opportunity to innocent wild animals, do you?

  6. caryl sawyer says:

    They have no intention of anything beneficial coming from this, it is merely a method of getting funding. Through govrrment oversight, my tax $$ will go to a bunch of psuedo-academics who are, for all practical purposes, on their own brand of welfare.
    Call your congressmen, people! Raise hell!

  7. Put these bastards in jail for abusing innocent animals and helping to create an extinction crisis! These animals belong in the wild with their own families, they have feelings just like we do, they feel pain just like we do, and they have more compassion than we do.

  8. Chimpanzees have failed to provide us with any information that benefits humans, with the possible exception of hepatitis C, and some thing there could have been other techniques that could have been used. We imprisoned, enslaved, and tortured them for AIDS/HIV research, and they were able to contributing nothing, All that happened is that we ruined their lives. NIH needs to LET THEM ALL GO and PAY FOR the care they need in sanctuaries.

  9. Lydie GIRARD says:

    Pour le Respect de l’Animal et l’Abolition de la Cruauté !

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