Stop University’s Cruel Monkey Experiment

Target: Vincent Price, President of Duke University

Goal: Stop denying monkeys water and using them in a ridiculous advertisement experiment.

Duke University has reportedly been using U.S. tax dollars to fund research that denies monkeys water in order to coerce them into cooperating in an advertisement experiment. Ten macaque monkeys were most likely denied water for days to study the effects of sex and power status in advertisements.

During this experiment, monkeys would touch computer screens where common logos, such as those of Pizza Hut and Nike, were paired with pictures of dominant male monkeys, subordinate male monkeys, or the back of a sexually receptive female, to see what the monkeys would choose. In order to make the monkeys cooperate, they were reportedly denied water and given a bit of juice each time they selected a logo. All this experiment was testing was the effect of sex and power in advertisement, something researchers have known about for years.

Sign this petition and demand Duke University shut down this cruel and useless experiment.


Dear Mr. Price,

It recently came to my attention that Duke University is reportedly using U.S. tax dollars to fund a useless advertisement experiment that denies monkeys water. Reportedly, ten macaque monkeys were denied water for days in order to make them cooperate in this ridiculous experiment.

The experiment studied the effects of sex and power status in advertisements by pairing common logos, such as those of Pizza Hut and Nike, with photos of dominant male monkeys, subordinate male monkeys, or sexually receptive females. Reportedly, in order to coerce the monkeys into choosing a logo, they were denied water and given a bit of juice each time they made a selection. For years, researchers have known the effects of power and sex in advertising, and this is an experiment that could have easily been done with consenting adults.

Please put an end to this unnecessary experiment. There is no need to harm animals for such information.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Rien Ramerman

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  1. Stephanie Geyser says:

    So what’s the point of the experiment? Does it improve our lives? Does it invent a cure for cancer? AIDS? Ebola? Famine? Global warming? ISIS/ISIL? Does it save the planet or clean the oceans of plastic? Or stop school massacres? What a rubbish so-called “university” this Duke “University” is.

  2. How damn stupid! More excuses to torment and abuse animals with wasted tax dollars.

  3. Remove these monkeys from the university, send them to a sanctuary and close down the lab! Stop abusing animals and stop subjecting them to cruel experiments just to satisfy humans’ morbid curiosity. NO ANIMAL SHOULD BE USES FOR ANY KIND OF EXERIMENT! It is outrageous that humans find it acceptable to abuse, torture and kill any animal for an so-called “scientific experiment!”

  4. Jaime Perez Jaime Perez says:

    I agree with the others, this a ridiculous and ludicrous waste of tax dollars. These poor monkeys should never be used in these stupid and disgusting experiments. Duke University scientists have too much time on their hands! Do something productive with that time.

  5. Signed. Please sign.

  6. Ruth Rogers says:

    Signatures @2941

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