Justice for Aging Dog Brutally Killed

Target: Thomas J. Donovan Jr., Attorney General of Vermont

Goal: Punish woman who allegedly killed her elderly dog in brutal fashion.

A Vermont woman accused of severe animal cruelty has been released from prison. Lisa Rote Potwin reportedly bludgeoned her sick, elderly dog with a sledgehammer and stabbed him with a knife to ‘end his suffering’ when she could not afford to have him euthanized. Potwin’s roommate also alleges that she tried to euthanize the dog with sedatives and an EpiPen with no success before going for the blunt objects.

This incident is both tragic and horrendous. While no owner wants to see their sick and elderly pet suffer, Potwin’s alleged actions were not so much mercy as they were a brutal murder of an innocent dog. Lacking the funds to pay for euthanasia is not an excuse, nor is the implication that this was for the dog’s own good. Euthanasia is not as simple as killing an animal; it is meant to be a peaceful solution to suffering, and Potwin’s alleged actions did not grant the poor animal a peaceful end.

Potwin is currently awaiting trial and is forbidden to own any more animals. Regardless of her reasons or feelings, she allegedly committed a vile act of animal cruelty and must be punished accordingly. Sign this petition to demand she face justice.


Dear Attorney General Donovan,

An elderly dog was allegedly brutally slain by his owner when she could not afford to have him euthanized. Lisa Potwin claims she merely wanted to end the animal’s suffering, but instead allegedly subjected the animal to a violent end. Potwin was recently released from jail and is awaiting trial.

While no owner wants to see their pet suffer, there is no excuse for Potwin’s reported brutality. Sick and elderly pets deserve a peaceful end, typically provided by euthanasia, and instead the poor dog was given the most brutal and painful end one can imagine. The humane second choice would have been to allow the dog to die peacefully on his own, or to find a cheaper vet. Potwin reportedly crossed the line from a mercy killing to a murder, and she must be punished accordingly. Please ensure that she faces justice for the alleged murder of this poor dog.


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Photo Credit: Nickyhannaway

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  1. George Willis says:

    Please put this violent criminal in jail..I heard she cares for the elderly…how long before she decides to put one of the vulnerable people she “cares” for out of their misery. I do not want to ever cross paths with this freak who has no judgement an a violent vicious streak!

  2. Jacqui Skill says:


  3. You brutal piece of garbage. You were sick of him and him of your old, Ugly face.
    You deserve the same sledgehammer.
    Never go near an animal, of course you’ll be in prison .

  4. Lisa Finnigan says:

    Charge her and her roommate to the fullest extent of the law!

  5. Kae Blecha, OTR says:

    How has this dysfunctional yutz flown under the radar for so long in Vermont? She needs to be in an institution of some kind, any kind.

  6. Agree all above . Beat that bitch to death. Low fucken mole. Don’t have animals if you don’t treat them right.

  7. And why didn’t her ROOMMATE act to stop her EACH TIME, either?!?!?! Too many (sub)humans are just USELESS WASTES OF SPACE and don’t deserve to be alive!!! NO EXCUSES for such torture when she could have at least tried calling up a rescue organization for advice and maybe even funding for a TRUE euthanization! I suspect her poor dog wasn’t even that far gone anyway and she just “didn’t want him” anymore. PUT HER AWAY FOR THE REST OF HER SORRY LIFE!

    • Putting her away isn’t good enough, not by far. She must be made to suffer and suffer but good. I can think of a punishment which fits her crime, and that’s drawing and quartering her, with an added tossing of acid into her FILTHY DISGUSTING FACE!!! Oh, and the roommate should also face punishment, but not as harsh.

  8. The petition says it well what I feel. It must have been such a horrible death for this innocent creature. May the law be as tough on the woman as possible.

  9. eternal damnation for this monster

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