Don’t Let Retired Circus Animals Starve

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Target: Lourdes Adriana Lopez Moreno, Chairwoman of the Environment Committee of the Mexican Congress

Goal: Allocate funding or donations to provide food, shelter and care for retired circus animals.

Circus owners are claiming that a recent federal ban in Mexico that forbids the use of animal acts in circuses is leaving them with no other option but to abandon or euthanize their animals. The ban is set to be enforced soon, but some states have already begun to enforce the new law. While the new ban is a step in the right direction towards protecting animals from the unnecessary cruelty of being forced to perform in a circus, some circus owners are claiming the ban leaves no solution for how the retired animals will be cared for.

The Associated Press reported that the head of Mexico’s circus owners’ association, Armando Cedeno, said the cost of caring for the animals in a time when his circus is facing decreased revenue is too much to handle. The ban protects lions, tigers, zebras, elephants and other animals, but caring for them can cost nearly $100 a day per animal.

Mexico’s Green Party worked to enact the ban and should be able to find a way to support these animals now that they are no longer able to be cared for by the circus. Whether it’s allocating government funding to set up shelters, or setting up fundraisers to collect donations in order to fund care, these animals cannot just be left to die when the ban was meant to care for their welfare. By signing this petition, you will encourage the Environment Committee of the Mexican Congress to support the care of these retired circus animals.


Dear Chairwoman Lopez,

Circus owners are claiming that the recent federal ban on animal acts in circuses is placing pressure on them when it comes to caring for these now retired animals. They say they no longer have the financial means to provide food, shelter and care for the animals, and the only option is to let the animals starve without shelter or be euthanized. While I commend you for taking a stance against the horrific use of animals in circuses, something must be done to ensure these retired animals are not left to die.

I urge you to find a way to support these animals, whether through allocating government funding to set up shelters with food or care, or fundraising to receive donations to set up shelters. Please make sure that the ban was not in vain, and the welfare of these animals is still kept into consideration.


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  1. GIVE ME A BREAK! SHAME ON YOU! Where’s your rationality? Where’s your compassion?


    REACH OUT to other sanctuaries — REACH OUT to governments — REACH OUT to people —

  2. Let all these Animal abusers & users starve to death when they get old and so called useless… Which is what they are anyways.
    Under NO circumstances should ANY Animal just be allowed to starve to death,,, how EVIL!!!!

  3. Linda Amundson says:

    This is ridiculous and loco. These people took away every ounce of freedom from these elephants for decades and abused them on top of it. Now, they’re whining because they have to take responsibility for these same elephants they chose to buy, which is as disgusting as buying a child, and to use. They need to take proper care of “their” elephants and feed them well until they can go to a real sanctuary. There are good ones in the U.S., the very best being The Elephant Sanctuary(TES)in Tennessee and PAWS in California. If the place breeds, it’s NOT a legitimate sanctuary. These two do not breed any animals in their care, and the animals get very good care. Meanwhile, put on your big boy pants and feed and care for these animals you chose to enslave just to entertain people.

    • Precisely, Linda! “…some circus owners are claiming the ban leaves no solution for how the retired animals will be cared for.”

      No solution??!! There are LOTS of options if these supposedly ‘superior’ humans only WANT to look, and use their supposedly ‘superior’ brains in the process. Another one is to start hiring more HUMAN acts instead (like Cirque de Soleil’s) and hence make even larger profits than they ever did from those horrible acts using nonhumans. What a bunch of manipulative and deceptive whiners and pulers these circus owners are. But they’re not fooling US!

  4. Honestly, at least for today, I am beginning to feel defeated. Every day there are more stories of animal abuse, including torture, starvation, neglect and eventually death. Has man become so very calloused that he can no longer conceive of the fact that animals are living and breathing creatures? Are they now only viewed now as ‘property’ to be disposed of in horrible ways when they no longer serve a monetary value? I don’t know what has happened to the human race but today I feel defeated in this never-ending conflict. But know this – tomorrow is another day and I promise, just like all the caring people here, I will be back with renewed strength and spirit to kick some callous, tortuous human ass. Thank you all for caring!

    • I understand the frustration towards the owners who don’t want to care for these used animals, but everyone this is a victory that the Mexican gov’t has corrected
      a problem we all want to take place. Banning the use of animals in circuses. Sanctuaries please step up.

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