Save Pets and Women from Domestic Violence


Target: John Boehner, United States House of Representatives Speaker

Goal: Protect victims of domestic violence and their pets.

The PAWS Act is an acronym for the Pet and Women Safety Act. Many victims of domestic violence in the United States remain with or return to their abusers out of concern for the welfare of their pets. In some cases, the abusers will threaten or kill the pets in order to gain control over their partners. This bill will help victims of domestic violence and their pets by criminalizing the intentional targeting of a domestic partner’s pet with the intent to harm or intimidate.

Many domestic abuse victims have delayed leaving their abusers because they are worried for the safely of their beloved pets. Some domestic abuse survivors even say that they would have left their abusers much sooner if they knew they could take their pets with them, but unfortunately not all abuse shelters are animal friendly.

Luckily, this PAWS Act will punish those abusers who harm their victims pets as a means to exert more control over them. This bill will also establish a federal grand program to help abuse victims find a safe place to house their pets. If these victims are reassured that their pets will be protected, they will be more able to leave their abusive environments. Sign this petition and urge the United States Congress to thoroughly consider this bill.


Dear House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner,

Many domestic abuse victims suffer greatly at the hands of their abusers. In many cases, their pets suffer as well. In order to gain control and intimidate their partners, many abusers will injure, kill or threaten to kill their partners’ beloved pet animals. However, the PAWS Act is aiming towards changing this and helping abuse victims escape their abusers.

The PAWS Act will criminalize domestic abusers who target their partners’ pet animals with the intent to inflict harm or intimidate. It will also establish a program to help abuse victims safely house their pets. If this bill were to be passed, abuse victims would be able to escape their abusive environments knowing that their pets are safe. I urge you and the rest of Congress to thoroughly consider this bill.


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Photo credit: Pete Markham via Flickr

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  2. Think you bit behind times we’ve had this uk for years

    • What is this Lisa, a competition? I’m sorry that these horrible acts have been happening in the UK for years, but it has more than likely been going on in the USA for years as well. Sad thing is, that it has taken this long for people to finally speak up, and bring awareness to the terrible situation, and that people need to take it seriously. It’s nothing but disgusting, and evil no matter where it is happening, and these victims, and their pets have the right to, and deserve to be protected. The abuser’s, on the other hand, need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law!

  3. kevin bailey says:

    Why is this only about pets and women? Domestic abuse can happen to men as well.

  4. And please send the abusers back to school, or have their heads examined. Preferably both!

  5. The vulnerable, the innocent MUST be protected!

  6. tina welsh says:

    Evil bastds evil evil evil god bless all those poor animalsxx

  7. You’d BETTER consider this bill as necessary, because if you don’t, women will be forced to outright KILL their abusers in order to protect their animal companions (often their only source of solace in the face of domestic abuse) and themselves, since The Law itself does virtually NOTHING for them either before OR after the fact! If women’s rage against this male-dominated society reaches the peak it’s heading to, you’ll all be very sorry you DIDN’T act as equals to them!

    I’d seriously suggest all women who can, start refusing to bear any more children for a few years’ time. THEN we’ll see exactly who carries the REAL power of creation and destruction in this world! (economies, wars, societies, ALL would be affected, with almost no new babies coming into the world) Time to take the feminine power BACK!

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