Chained Dog Reportedly Left to Freeze to Death by Sledding Company Deserves Justice

Target: Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food for Canada

Goal: Investigate tourism operation that allegedly left sled dogs chained outside in extreme cold.

A recent award-winning documentary investigating alleged animal abuse uncovered one particularly horrific instance where a dog was discovered dead due to exposure. In the film, Sled Dogs, director Fern Levitt profiles Windrift Adventures in Moonstone, Ontario, a sled dog operation geared toward tourists. During the interview, a dog is discovered to have died, reportedly due to having been left out during the extreme cold.

This is not the first time that Windrift Adventures has come under scrutiny for the allegedly cruel treatment of its sled dogs. The operation has been criticized in the past for not providing adequate veterinary care for injured dogs and leaving them sick and starving in the cold when not used to pull sleds for tourists. If these allegations are true, this business must be stopped and its dogs rescued immediately.

No animal deserves to die due to the neglect and selfishness of his or her owners. Sign this petition to demand that the Canadian government fully investigate the claims of abuse at Windrift Adventures and ensure that the owners be punished severely if they are found guilty.


Dear Minister MacAulay,

A dog was reportedly discovered dead at a kennel owned by Windrift Adventures during the filming of a recent documentary on the treatment of sled dogs in the tourism and sporting industries. The dog had allegedly died as a result of being exposed to freezing temperatures while chained outdoors. A full investigation into this dog’s death must take place.

Windrift Adventures has been the target of previous allegations of mistreatment and neglect of the estimated 120 dogs kept at its kennel. Former clients have reported seeing dogs that appeared malnourished or that had untreated wounds.

We, the undersigned, demand that you investigate all of these claims fully and ensure that this business is shut down, and its owners severely punished if they are found guilty of having harmed or killed any of the animals in their care.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Dylan Blake

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  1. Linda Barnett says:

    Another innocent life lost in the hands of MAN! Prosecute Windrift Adventures and SHUT THEM DOWN FOR GOOD! Man has no right to use and abuse ANY of God’s creatures for selfish amusement, entertainment or profit! Man does not OWN this precious planet and it is about time that man faced up to the responsibilities that man is privileged to be given. Guardianship of this planet is the No. 1 priority and it is up to ALL of us to honour and respect ALL creatures great and small. To continue to abuse all that we have would be criminal. Conservation is the way forward and the sooner we accept the fact and take steps to put our wrongdoings right the safer this planet will be. We cannot bury our heads in the sand any longer! If we choose to ignore our misgivings now, it will be too late for this and future generations.

  2. another ‘entreprenurial’ outfit with the good fortune of selling the ‘krisp kanadian kulture’ and a friggin beer with it.

    obvoiusly there are too many of the kennels and tours outfits that seem to go unobstructed with a ‘seal of approval’…just pay the fees to whatever agency is supposedly there to oversee operators.

    yes the dog dies…and another 50 are eaten in korea in an hour.

    i wonder what tax and such credits the operators have swung to their advantgage to operate on such a thin margin.


    untill the whole of ‘usery’ and ‘rent’ and unafordable housing is addressed by the FUCKING BC GOVT….YES THE ONLSAUGHT OF AFFORDABILE HOUSING DUE TO FOREIGN BUYUPS…has done away wiht the standard of living that ensured we all have a fair shake and the resources to care for animals.


  3. Agree all comments put those people out to freeze to death cruel c**ts

  4. This effin shit hole needs to be SHUT DOWN!!!! Moonstone Ontario,,,,,, do ur job and shut this place of murder DOWN!!! Discusting!!!!!

  5. Beth Verbiar says:

    I have just received a comment (after I signed and shared the petition on FB) from a very reliable source who is close to this facility and just went there yesterday for an audit, and said the dog pictured here is very much alive, THANK GOD!

  6. Evil people who torture and abuse animals should be ended – now!

  7. Why is this outfit still allowed to be in operation. How many dogs are required to suffer and /or die before some action is taken.
    Is there a minimum number required ?? 3 dogs, 5 dogs or is it 10 dogs perhaps before authorities will act.
    Tourists should stop using them and maybe then they will take the time to care for the dogs who create their business.

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