Dog Hung from Fence and Killed Deserves Justice

Target: Bill Montgomery, County Attorney for Maricopa County, Arizona

Goal: Demand that the person who hung a dog from a fence be charged with animal cruelty and assigned the maximum penalty by law.

A dog was hung from a fence in shocking act of cruelty. The dog was dead upon discovery, and the cause of death is still undetermined. Demand justice for this poor dog.

“It’s cruelty, that’s all I can say. It’s cruelty to animals,” stated Joe Bennett, a resident of the Phoenix neighborhood where a dog was found hanging from a fence. A local media outlet contacted Phoenix police after they saw a picture of the hanging dog on Facebook. Police arrived on the scene to find that the small dog had already died and been taken down from the fence. The residents of the property were not home at the time, and the dog’s owner has not come forward.

A necropsy has been scheduled to determine the dog’s cause of death. Police are treating this as an animal cruelty incident. Sign below and demand that the person responsible be identified, charged with animal cruelty, and assigned the maximum penalty by law.


Dear County Attorney Montgomery,

A dog suffered and died when the poor animal was hung from a fence. The person responsible for this cruelty is still at large. We demand justice for this poor dog.

A gruesome photo, posted on Facebook, showed a small dog hanging from a fence in a Phoenix neighborhood. Police arrived on scene to find the dog lying on the ground beneath the fence. The dog was pronounced dead upon discovery, but investigators have not determined if the dog died from the hanging or prior to the hanging. The residents of the property were not home at the time of the incident, and the dog’s owner has not come forward. Though necropsy results are pending, police are treating this as an animal cruelty investigation.

The person responsible for this cruelty must be punished. We demand that you charge this person with animal cruelty and seek the maximum penalty by law.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: AdinaVoicu

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  1. Caroline Montague says:

    How do you not do anything when your dog dies like this? That crappy owner needs to be hunted down, and brought in for intense questioning because he/she is already acting pretty sketchy.

    • No one said the owner has not done anything. The article states that (s)he has not gone public to date. I can’t blame them, for not wanting to draw attention to themselves. Nothing about the owner wanting to remain anonymous is suspect. The police know who they are and where they live. There is no reason we need to.

      • I will add that if the owner was responsible for this, then hang him/her from anything you choose, which is the same I would wish for anyone who would do something so perverse and evil. We don’t need people who are capable of doing such things walking the earth.

  2. Katherine says:

    I simply cannot comprehend as to why petitions have to be signed to do what is right * We need to stand up & protect the helpless * People who are capable of Evil Hateful acts like this * You think they do not hit children or Spouses or other Humans? There Hate/Evil does not stop at hurting our precious helpless Animals * We need to rid of people with such hate & evil inside of them * Wake up here * Stronger laws & punishments need to be made NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW

  3. I agree with Katherine. Why is a petition even necessary when we need to do the right thing? An innocent animal was killed at the hands of a sick person. Find them, and make sure he/she goes to jail. It’s animal cruelty and there is no excuse for it.

  4. that is true why sign this pertion there to stop this happen there the court or who everfinds that did this have live setence ther hung justlike the dog was there from tree or higher to end there life as wellfullstop

  5. Leila Lappin says:

    I bet this is another case of some people having a conflict and killing an innocent animal to get even. The un-human parasites!

  6. I urge you to do all you can to find the person(s) responsible for this and hold them accountable. This dog deserves justice as do all victims of animal abuse. Abusers should not be allowed to roam free with but a slap on the wrist as their abuse only continue. Penalties must be severe enough to act as a deterent.

  7. Who put it on Facebook ???

    Whoever is responsible for such a heartless act of cruelty hopefully will be caught and punished.
    Then forbidden to ever have pets themselves.
    I think it should be taken a step further and the person should be castrated / neutered as obviously we do not need people like this to breed.

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