Do Not Return 23 Dogs to Allegedly Neglectful Owners

Target: Pam Bondi, Attorney General of Florida

Goal: Demand Florida court overturn decision to return malnourished dogs to owners accused of neglect.

Twenty-three pit bulls were returned to their allegedly neglectful owners one year after the police seized them from the property. Unfortunately Judge Angela Dempsey threw out the case and accused the officers of “illegal search and seizure” before returning the dogs to their owners, much to the disgust of the police and many Daytona citizens who had been following the story of the dogs.

This court ruling is unacceptable. The dogs were reportedly found crammed into cages, the floors covered with feces and urine, and a few puppies with chains around their necks. Additionally, the dogs reportedly had several scars and wounds associated with dog fighting, further evidenced by the discovery of items associated with dog fighting plus a “rape stand” for the controlled breeding of dogs. Not only were the police well within their rights to confiscate the animals, but Judge Dempsey should not have allowed the owners to take them back.

Dogfighting is illegal, and neglect is one of the worst forms of animal cruelty. The allegedly neglectful owners do not deserve to regain custody of these innocent dogs. Sign this petition to demand the court overturn the decision and apologize to the police officers they accused of “unreasonable” search and seizure.


Dear Attorney General Bondi,

Daytona Judge Angela Dempsey recently returned 23 pit bulls to their owners, who had been accused of criminal neglect when the dogs were discovered living in allegedly filthy conditions and reportedly being forced to fight. The police officers who seized the dogs were disciplined for “unreasonable search and seizure.” The dogs were reportedly found chained and caged, and the police reportedly discovered implements associated with dogfighting and a “rape stand” used to forcibly breed the dogs. These conditions are unacceptable for any animal to live in, and the police had every right to remove the dogs from such a toxic environment.

Judge Dempsey has made a horrible mistake in allowing the owners to regain custody, and you must overturn the decision as soon as possible. These animals deserve better than to be returned to an environment where they are forced to live in their own waste and bred against their will. Support the police’s decision, and ensure that these dogs are given better homes.


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Photo Credit: Al Case

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  1. Is Demsey, a so-called judge, a complete moron?! Is she without intelligent, compassion and empathy? What kind of idiot would return 23 mistreated dogs, chained and caged, living in squalor, covered in scars, with obvious dog-fighting evidence–including a “rape stand”?!
    Is she totally corrupt? How much was she bribed, or is she involved in this horror show?!
    Regardless of her pathetic reasoning, she is incompetent to be a judge for a variety of reasons. Sentencing all the dogs to continuous misery with the same owners is an astounding egregiously poor and cruel decision! Why haven’t the owners been charged with multiple counts of felonious animal cruelty and in jail–with no bail?!
    The police officers are the only decent authorities involved. They attempted to rescue the dogs, which they should have done!
    Angela Dempsey is a horrid disgrace to her profession–and should be disbarred! These 23 defenseless tortured dogs should immediately be rescued from the criminal owners!

  2. The suppossed ,,Judge,, ANGELA DEMPSEY is GUILTY of mistreatment to all animals with this sentence. She is guilty as the owner – She is a shame for this profession !

  3. This is the problem – WE HAVE ASSHOLE JUDGES TREATING THESE CASES WITH A SLAP ON THE WRIST!!!! If one judge would have the balls to really make these abusers pay, maybe things would change. This bitch should be disbarred. I can’t believe she can get away with this.

  4. Daniel Byman says:

    Angela should live next door to these dangerous criminals, introduce her children to them. Instead she sets them free in our community so that my wife and kids may cross these violent criminals paths?

  5. At bondi should do her job..which is to prosecute violent dangerous criminals. I pay an outrageous amount of taxes and I want violent criminals prosecuted and jailed and then on lifetime parol.

  6. When these criminals are back in front of a judge for some other crimes as is statistically probable as these types of violent criminals are 98% of the time rearrested for domestic violence child abuse and animal abuse then is it time that you prosecute these sadistic scary criminals? The FBI tracks these type of give the info on these violent criminals to them, they are prosecuting and investigating fully to protect the people , and children who live in the communities where these criminals keep being released by local authorities. If you will not procecute violent criminals then please let them do it!

  7. Angela Dempsey should be removed from the bench. She is a disgrace and should not be wearing that robe. This woman lacks COMMON DECENCY! Who returns dogs to criminals who engage in dogfighting? CONFISCATE those DOGS and CHARGE the so-called owners with ANIMAL CRUELTY!

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