Demand Zoo Free ‘Mitzu’ the Bear from Confinement

Target: Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister of Thailand

Goal: Relocate allegedly mistreated and confined sun bear to a wildlife sanctuary.

After a sun bear named Mitzu escaped from his enclosure and fatally mauled a tiger in another pen, officials at the Safari Park Open Zoo in Thailand allegedly had the bear declawed and confined to a cage outside of public view. This is where Mitzu has spent the last decade, and according to reports from visitors and zoo employees, he is languishing due to a lack of enrichment and proper care. Demand that Mitzu be relocated to an accredited sanctuary so he can be freed from this misery.

The zoo’s many tigers, and in particular its tiger cubs, are considered to be its biggest money maker. Tourists often visit Safari Park Open Zoo for photo ops with the cubs, which is why many suspect Mitzu was removed from display after he had killed one of the attraction’s prized big cats. Observers have said that Mitzu appears to be depressed and rarely moves from one corner of his already tiny metal cage. This form of ‘punishment’ is cruel and unjust. No animal should have to spend their life in confinement, with no social interaction or outside stimuli.

Mitzu deserves to spend the rest of his life at an accredited wildlife sanctuary where he can experience fresh air and space to move freely. Sign this petition to demand that he be relocated immediately.


Dear Minister Chan-o-Cha,

A bear has allegedly spent over a decade in a tiny cage at Safari Park Open Zoo. According to zoo employees, the bear was allegedly declawed and forced into confinement after he had fatally mauled a tiger during an escape attempt. Rather than trying to improve zoo conditions and make the enclosures more secure, as one may expect, it appears that the zoo’s owners decided to ‘punish’ the bear for killing one of its more popular animals and have since forced it to live in such inhumane conditions.

There is no reason why this bear should continue to languish at the back of the zoo. We urge you to intervene and demand that he be relocated at once to an accredited wildlife sanctuary so he can have some semblance of a normal life once more.


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Photo Credit: Tambako the Jaguar

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  1. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Please take this bear into custody along with these other animals and get them all into a certified sanctuary as soon as possible.
    Declawing any animal is heinously cruel and causes the animal to live in constant pain. If this confinement and being banished coupled with the declawing is done to one animal you have to wonder what cruelty has or will be meted out to any of the other past and present animal.

  2. Damn Thailand again! You vile people. You will get your comeuppance one day. I feel for the many animal lovers in these countries with such an uncaring government that allow such barbaric cruelty to animals. May the perpetrators feel the pain suffering isolation and utter despair they have been inflicting upon innocent animals. Threefold. For eternity. So mote it be.

    • I’m right with you Karen. A curse on those countries who subject these beautiful animals to such a tortured and horrific life of pain. Thailand is right up there with China, South Korea etc in the animal cruelty stakes. We need the world to shame these countries into I troducinganimal protection laws. They hate being called u civilised and bRbaric, which is what they are, STILL.

  3. Derinda Nilsson says:

    PLEASE FREE MITZU! If this bear wasn’t at this zoo in the first place he surly wouldn’t have gone after any other animals. He is NOT at fault. Let him go Thailand. Do the right thing.


  5. There is no point ‘punishing an animal’ for killing another. The fault lies fairly and squarely with the keepers at Safari park open zoo.The incident would never have happened if the place was being run properly. It is cruel and ignorant to declaw the bear and confine it in a tiny cage. Now let it go to a sanctuary where it will hopefully be looked after as it should. Keeping it confined only shows your inability to work with animals.

    • The incident never happened. That isn’t even mitzu in the photo. Just a made up story by a staff member who was jilted by too many cute volunteers, caught STDs and became addicted to drugs. Well done dodo for checking their sources integrity.

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