Justice for Injured Dogs Rescued From Alleged Dog Fighting Ring

Target: Cynthia Mitchell, County Attorney for Pueblo County, Colorado

Goal: Seek the maximum possible penalty for five men who were allegedly keeping 19 dogs for dog fighting purposes.

Police discovered 19 dogs covered in scars and open wounds living on a residential property in Pueblo, Colorado. Investigators later arrested five men suspected of using these dogs as part of a brutal underground dog fighting ring, subjecting these innocent animals to mistreatment and violent trauma. The main suspect and owner of the dogs, Jerry Grady, is believed to have specifically trained his animals to fight and behave viciously.

Grady was arrested previously on suspicion that he was training dogs for staged dog fights, but all charges against him were eventually dismissed. This time, if the allegations are true, we must ensure that this man and all others responsible are not allowed to get off the hook once more. In Colorado, animal fighting is considered a class 5 Felony, which carries steep penalties including imprisonment of up to four years and $100,000 in fines.

Dog fighting is a grotesque “sport” that puts dogs’ lives in jeopardy for human entertainment. Sign this petition to demand that those responsible for harming these dogs be punished severely.


Dear County Attorney Mitchell,

Five men have been arrested on suspicion of running a violent underground dog fighting ring in the city of Pueblo. They are believed to have subjected at least 19 dogs to cruel and life-threatening staged fights, which left them heavily scarred with untreated bite wounds. This extreme case of animal abuse must not be allowed to go unpunished.

One of the suspects, a Pueblo resident named Jerry Grady, was arrested previously on dog fighting charges, but was ultimately cleared of all charges. If he and the other men are found responsible for mistreating these animals, they must be held accountable. That is why I urge you to seek the maximum possible penalty under law for these men if they are found guilty.


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Photo Credit: Hugo A. Quintero

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  1. We must get tougher with any and all animal abuse and cruelty! Maximum jail and fines! Nonnegotiable!

  2. Somebody or some people are guilty and need to be caught and taught a very tough lesson. This despicable and cowardly crime is nothing but bloodlust by mindless zombies. Goodness knows what else might catch their twisted mindset. Please get them and give them the worst you can think of. These are not men but savages! You do not need their kind!

  3. DA Mitchell,

    Please prosecute this violent sick safistic criminal to the fullest extent of the law, pressure this idiot to hand over every name of everyone involved in this scones. These are very safistic cruel idiots that need to be jailed for as long as possible. If you think this piece of filth and other like him who watch and engage in this violence are not a danger to our community let this idiot live next to you! I want this violent freak and all other who engage in dog fighting in jail or a mental instatution for the criminally insane!

  4. What do you mean previously? What does that mean? It’s ok to get caught the first time…because you know that the dog fighting training just happened the day before this jerk got caught!!!! I blame the filthy, money grubing judge that is letting these monsters get away with the horrors these animals have to endure. Get somebody in there that knows what justice is for criminals

  5. POS Grady was arrested previously on suspicion that he was training dogs for staged dog fights, but all charges against him were eventually dismissed.. WHY????? This POS needs to be punished. Cruelty, abuse, neglect- lay it on him.

  6. Derinda Nilsson says:

    We need stronger punishments for these monsters. To lazy to make an honest living.

  7. why were the charges dropped why did they get away with what they’ve done jail the bastards for a long time they are nothing but monsters and anyone that go to see this kind of stuff are nuts and sadistic and should be put away too


  9. Dog fighting is despicable. jail time and seize all profits, including thier homes to pay for the rehabilitation of these poor animals. If the law got tougher, they may think twice about this heinous crime.

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